Love Languages

It was another ordinary day after a church event when they first met. The brown-haired girl with a cute smile caught Josh’s attention. Similarly, Cynthia, found herself attracted to the nicely dressed gentleman. It was evident that they were intrigued by each other at first glance, but they took no moves that day. The two met again soon after at a café where Josh worked as an assistant manager. Cynthia regularly stopped for a coffee and later volunteered at the shop.

They were impressed with each other’s qualities; Josh was hard-working, kind, compassionate, Cynthia humble, considerate, and responsible. After one year of being good friends and seeing different aspects of each other, Josh realized that he wanted to be more than just coworkers. He wanted to get to know Cynthia better. That was the summer Josh decided to ask her out. 

As you can imagine, their personalities matched perfectly. They complement each other because she plans and he acts. They share common interests; He loves coffee, she loves coffee. Both love eating food and exploring the city.

Josh’s love languages are physical touch and quality time. It makes him happy when they are holding hands and hugging each other. Cynthia’s love languages are quality time and acts of service. The fact that he shows up for her and surprises her with food means a lot to her. She likes that he always puts away his phone when they are together so that they can focus on each other.

As BCIT students, we all know how overwhelming it can be. A regular Friday Date Night with Cynthia motivates Josh to stay on top of his studying schedule so he can have a good time with her every week. He prioritizes this quality time and manages his time carefully between working, studying, and building their relationship. Even if it’s a busy week, having a date night to work towards gives them both motivation to accomplish their weekday tasks.

I would be lying if I told you that they have a perfect relationship, free of conflict. We are all human. Nevertheless, communication is key to a healthy relationship. Cynthia is a thinker and it takes time for her to process her thoughts. After her time with Josh, she learns to adjust and speaks her mind that she needs time to think. Josh respects her space and is willing to talk whenever Cynthia is ready. She appreciates how he helps her think about it. It means a lot to them when they can support one another through thick and thin. Josh and Cynthia are mature and communicate based on understanding and empathy. When they have a conflict, they will talk to each other first to solve the problem. If it doesn’t work out, they will give the partner time to think about it. They will ask for advice from family-member. Sometimes they talk with their friends regarding their friend’s relationship since we all will get a clearer perspective when we are out of the circle.

“It is in every moment we both foresee our whole lives have the future together. We enjoy spending time and get excited whenever one another is at our side” — Josh & Cynthia

When I first met Josh in our class. His qualifications drew my attention and let me wonder who is a lucky girl getting this nice guy. But after meeting Cynthia, I realized they both are so blessed to find each other. Life is hard to find someone who truly understands you, accepts you unconditionally, supports and loves you as you. Together they form a great team. 

Josh and Cynthia also create an Instagram account together, writing about their coffee exploring. I’m also one of their followers who will save their every post and plan to visit the places if the BCIT schedule doesn’t make me drown. Their Instagram account is @ourcoffeechapters (They often have giveaways too!)


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