Local Events: April 25 – September 8

History of Vancouver 
Sex Workers lectures 
Museum of Vancouver
April 25-26

Back in the 1930s, downtown Vancouver was known for its numerous brothels and gentlemen’s clubs. Museum of Vancouver invites the public to explore Vancouver’s naughty past with lecture series on history of sex workers.

Both retired and currently employed sex workers will join the conversation to share their perspective and answer questions about their work. Vancouver history buffs will also have a chance to stroll the same streets as some sex workers did before their eviction in the 1980s at the West End tour.


Vancouver International Burlesque Festival
Various venues
May 2-4

What better way to celebrate the end of classes than watching beautiful burlesque performers show off their enormous … talent at the eighth annual International Burlesque Festival?

In case the promise of watching attractive people dance is not enough, the festival also features a comedy performance and a live rock’n’roll band playing alongside sexy dancers.


Vancouver Chinatown Night Market
May 17-September 8

Ah, Vancouver summers: Rain is in the forecast for only half of the week, parking around the beaches is impossible to find, and all the part-time jobs are taken by broke university students. But it’s okay, because Vancouver’s prime spot to buy five pairs of socks for $10 is back! 

Vancouverites and visitors alike will be able to visit Chinatown for their favorite street foods, odd fashions, and fancy iPhone covers — all without having to face the blinding sun rays known to be so cruel to our pale, sickly, monitor-tanned skin.

Need more reasons to check out this annual event? Two words: Potato Tornado.

Stay classy, BCIT, and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do or write about — because that stuff isn’t fun anyway.

— Olsy Sorokina



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