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Last Minute Costumes From Your Closet

Faboolous Party Ideas


If you’re like me, you’ve totally left your Halloween costume to the last minute because of your ridiculously busy BCIT schedule! Midterms are kinda done and you need to relax before hitting the books, but you are in need of a quick and cheap costume. That’s why I thought it would be a good idea to come up with some last minute Halloween costumes that can be easily made in your closet! What else does the average student need – other then a cheap and quick costume! Check out some of my quick and cheap last minute Halloween costumes from your closet!

The Bandit


The Bandit is really easy to do! If you’re obsessed with Ocean’s 11 and Catch Me If You Can and occasionally think you’re some crime fighting ninja then this is the costume for you! Together with some black skinny jeans, a horizontally stripped black and white t-shirt and a black toque – you’ve got majority of your band costume. Pair it with a black eye mask, some classic Chuck Taylors and a pillow case with a money symbol on it and you’ve got yourself a classic bandit!



Just because this is a last minute costume, doesn’t mean it can’t be sexy! Pair your black skinny jeans with a black v-neck and some hot leather thigh high boots. Add some cute cat ears and cover your eyes with a black mask. If you have it, pair some thin black leather gloves to add some more mystery. Red lipstick and purrs will keep people guessing if it’s actually you or Anne Hathaway!

The Lumberjack


If you don’t have a flannel shirt in you closet, are you even Canadian? This is probably the most Canadian costume you can do and on the cheap! Pair your light wash denim jeans with a classic red flannel shirt for your lumberjack look. Complete your costume with the traditional tan Timberland boots. For added effect, throw on a toque and carry around a toy axe!

Wednesday Addams

Wendsday Addams

If you’re one of those people that wants to be a classic character, Wednesday Addams is for you! The 1930’s cult classic character has made several variations over the years with it’s simplicity. Pair a plain white dress shirt with a black v-neck and tuck the ensemble into a black skater skirt. Add some black opaque panty hoes and black flats. Put your hair into pigtails and use pale make up.

But if you’re still too lazy to make a costume and would rather opt for a purchased costume, check out Spirit Halloween, Party City, or Halloween Alley