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Katy Perry to bedazzle Superbowl XLIX

by Jessica Fedigan

While many watch the Super Bowl for the game itself, plenty of viewers turn to the Super Bowl for the infamous commercials and halftime show. This year’s performer is “This Is How We Do” hitmaker Katy Perry. While some may not be too excited for Perry to perform, she does know how to put on a show.  Perry gives the NFL what they want: a major star who will gain them attention. All of Arizona and the millions of viewers who turn in to the Super Bowl every year will certainly hear her “Roar.” But how will she stack up to the past 4 performers?




Problems arose from the beginning, with the group looking awkward and not really knowing what to do. They started off with “I Gotta Feeling” when suddenly Fergie’s mic cut off. From there on out, it was issue after issue. From technical difficulties, to Fergie’s sub-par performance, it wasn’t a night to remember for the Peas.


2012 — MADONNA

There were many performers for this Halftime show, however the main attraction was Madonna. Madonna’s performance itself was pretty spot-on, but she also ran into a bit of controversy. While performing “Give Me All Your Luvin’” with Nicki Minaj and M.I.A., M.I.A appeared to give the crowd the finger during her solo. That gained negative backlash, with Madonna herself even speaking out afterward stating she was not impressed with those actions.


2013 — BEYONCÉ

This may be, perhaps, one of the greatest Super Bowl Halftime shows in recent memory. None other than the Queen ‘B,’ Beyoncé. Beyoncé had the crowd electrified from the opening song of “Run the world” followed by “Love on Top”. For months before the show, there were rumours of a reuniting of Destiny’s Child. No one knew for sure what to expect until they appeared from the bottom of the stage. That set off the rest of the party.



Last year had pop sensation Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. It seemed to be an odd combination, and it appeared that way on stage. Mars stole the show with many of his chart topping hits from the previous year and a half. Controversy followed the Chilli Peppers. They performed their hit “Give it Away,” but some people noticed their instruments were not plugged in, sparking questions of the performance’s authenticity. The Chilli Peppers later released a statement saying that given the time restrictions, they and the NFL had agreed to pre-record the instrumentals but that vocals would be live.


Whether you’ll be dancing along to every hit song, or ducking off to the kitchen to refill on nachos and wings, whatever you do, never forget this happened…