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Jordan Grant Pedersen: Photographer & Drafting Technician

Jordan Grant Pedersen bought his first camera in 2012 as a birthday gift to himself, with the intent to continue his pursuit of filmmaking, a hobby of his since high school. While he’s made a few short films since, he found a solid desire to use his new hardware for what it was built for: photography.

Anytime Jordan travels he brings his DSLR and small collection of lenses with him, taking as many photos of animals, people and landscapes that he can. He has been lucky enough to capture beautiful scenes from both the British Isles and Japan, with future plans to photograph the stunning displays of nature found in Iceland and New Zealand.

Jordan worked in the film & television industry building sets and scenery prior to graduating from BCIT’s Architectural Computer Aided Design & Drafting and Graphics program in 2019. He has returned to work designing draft plans for sets used in filming in Vancouver.

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