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InstaFoods: Pokerrito’s Sushi Salad Bowl

In need of a healthy break from [insert fast food of choice here]? I would suggest a poké bowl from Pokérrito near BCIT’s downtown campus.

Poké bowls are a Hawaiian fusion food that became a thing in 2016 so I’m a little late to the game in praising them. I don’t know why it took me so long to try one when they are everything I love – raw fish, rice, and lots of veggies! Other toppings include avocado, edamame, pineapple, mango, artificial crab, cilantro, corn, ginger, seaweed, and sauces like umami, wasabi basil, creamy mayo, and sweet chili (drool).

There are numerous poké locations in Vancouver at this point but I decided to check out Pokérrito, which is located off of Seymour and Dunsmuir and right around the corner from where BCIT’s downtown classes are held.

I went for the Hanauma bowl which features: salmon, sweet onion, seaweed salad, crabmeat, masago, edamame, ginger, radish sprout, furikake, and a creamy mayo sauce. They also have tuna, octopus, scallop, shrimp, and tofu options so that you can customize your own bowl.

As a huge sushi fan, the salad did not disappoint. It was filling, fresh and flavourful. There were plenty of large square chunks of fresh pink salmon, which tasted amazing with its ginger and mayo counterparts. Every bite reminded me of a delicious piece of sushi or sashimi I’ve had in the past.

My friend had the Hanuama but in burrito form. All the same tasty ingredients were instead wrapped in white rice and seaweed, forming the prettiest giant piece of sushi I have ever seen.

As poké is new in Vancouver, the little shop was equally hip, with large glass windows and minimalistic white décor. Prices reflect this as well, with poké bowls clocking in at around eleven dollars. Therefore, this isn’t a place I would eat at daily, but it does make for an awesome healthy treat.

Poké bowls: still cool and delicious in 2017.