InstaFoods: Cartem’s Donuterie

If you know me, you’ll know that I love donuts and Cartem’s donuts are my fave (hint hint).

Cartem’s donuts are natural, fresh, sensitive and local. More importantly, every teeth-sinking bite is bliss.

Cartem’s Donuterie is set up downtown (just a five minute walk from BCIT’s downtown campus!), in Mount Pleasant, and in Kitsilano. Every experience I’ve had at Cartem’s has been impeccable. I haven’t visited their newest location in Kitsilano yet, but their downtown and Mount Pleasant locations are very modern, open spaces. They’re made up of brick walls, white paint, wooden surfaces, green plants, large windows, and high ceilings.

I took a seat on one of their cedar tree stools this weekend and treated myself to a latté and a donut sampling of their classic donuts: the Smoked Maple Walnut Yeast Donut and the Chocolate Glaze Yeast Donut. I’ll admit, I was almost crushed when I heard that they were out of their famous stuffies (generously stuffed donuts with jelly, jam, custard or cream) that morning, but then I remembered that every donut they make is delicious so I decided to try some new flavours.

Everyone who works at Cartem’s matches the donuts in cheeriness, plus no one ever complains about the photo shoots I have with their donuts. It’s also magically never busy when I go so I always score a window seat.

A regular ol’ donut costs $3.25, and their stuffies, gluten-free and vegan options are a little extra. Their donut costs a little more than your average Tim Horton or 7/11 donut, but it’s worth it. The stuffies and rings are massive, and you’re paying for the healthier and fresher ingredients and vegan/gluten free options. That may sound like a bunch of hubbub but it really makes a difference. These donuts almost don’t feel like a cheat because of all the love (and organic and ethically-sourced ingredients) put into them.

The Chocolate Glaze Donut is topped with 55% Belgian chocolate ganache glaze. The rich chocolate is generously applied and blends perfectly with the soft cloud of the yeast donut. The only complaint I can think of is that the chocolate shell and yeast donut are too soft, which means you have to be really gentle when handling the donut if you want to take a picture – or you’ll leave squishy fingerprints!

The Smoked Maple Walnut Donut is the perfect sweet and savoury combination. The spicy, smoked walnut smell reminds me of camping and the donut bed is just as plush as the Chocolate Glaze Donut.

If this week is your last week of classes like it is for me (or even if it isn’t), then you should treat yourself to a donut from Cartem’s Donuterie (and my fingers are crossed that they won’t be out of stuffies)!