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I met the Smoking Man from X-Files

William Davis 4

The X-Files’ ever-elusive “Smoking Man” took centre stage at the Vancouver Halloween Expo on Saturday, October 18th. William B. Davis, best known for his role as The Smoking Man, took part in an interview discussing his memories of the role, work on Continuum and career as a director. Davis spoke about the role’s unexpected nature and how the character “developed and grew and evolved” into “something almost iconic”. When sharing stories of his time on X-Files, he recalled an incident on set.

“It was the first time I had ever been in a helicopter,” he stated. “I’m sitting on the side that’s open. When they shot it, the helicopter leaned in. Fortunately, they cut it before they saw the Cigarette Smoking Man grimacing with terror as he thought he was about to fall out of the machine,” he concluded.

Davis also discussed his time on Continuum, Showcase’s sci-fi show set in Vancouver. “I love doing Continuum”, he proclaimed. Regarding the cancellation or renewal of a fourth season, Davis stated “I think I can say with some confidence there will be more episodes”.

William B. Davis is also a well credited director, having directed short films, a television series and a multitude of theatre shows. Davis is currently working in pre-production on a new stage adaptation of Sherlock Holmes.

“It’s really funny. It imagines certain things, like Oscar Wilde being a friend of Sherlock Holmes. It adds to the referential interest of the story, which is a good story.”

The production will play in Vancouver in late December.

Mr. Davis mentioned the gratification associated with The Smoking Man, one of television’s greatest villains. Twelve years have passed since he last played that iconic role and William B. Davis’ career continues to flourish as a director, an educator and an actor.