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Want to go somewhere new this weekend? 


Colony, which just opened on Granville, is a pub during the day and a dance club at night. The menu has a great selection of comfort food including ribs, crispy chicken sandwiches and tofu rainbow glory bowls. The hub has 15 big-screen TVs for sporting events, a full arcade section, and a custom-made indoor bocce court—with a weekly league night that everyone is welcome to join. 

While the line to get into Colony will probably be long, the line to the bar won’t. Three bars (two on the main level, one on the upper) offers 20 taps with plenty of local brews. 


Hotel Belmont 

The underground hipster haven that was The Belmont Bar recently got a major facelift. With the upstairs redesigned as a stylish quirky eatery, it’s a hotspot for every Instagram fanatic. Vintage telephones hanging from the walls, crazy wallpaper, and plush velvet couches give  the downstairs bar an eccentric vibe. It’s a melange of a few cool ideas squeezed into a small space— boozy ice cream bar, boob-themed bathrooms, bowling alley, vintage arcade games, Instagram worthy neon signs, and hipster DJs. There’s no one word to explain what exactly the bar is trying to be but it’s definitely worth a visit. The sangria popsicles are worth it! 



The newest nightclub on the block is exactly what it sounds like, a three-level dance club. Unlike other major Vancouver clubs, this one doesn’t have sticky floors, poorly maintained bathrooms, or problems with overcrowding. The cover is free, and bathrooms have complimentary perfume and cologne. Having three floors leaves plenty of room for dancing and the bottom floor has colourful walls and decor. If you have the cash, feel free to splurge and pick exactly which table you want. 


D/6 Lounge 

The D/6 Lounge in Parq Vancouver’s Casino has been around for a while, but it’s a hidden gem that few people visit . Parq is known to be a classy joint and many assume that D/6 is going to be just as overpriced as many of the other Yaletown lounges. D/6’s menu is actually pretty affordable, with $7 beers, half-price happy hour, and special deals for holidays and events. The Lounge has a pool table, vintage Nintendo games, giant Jenga, giant Connect Four, and a great outdoor patio. If that isn’t enough, the massive bookshelf next to the bar has a secret door that reveals a private room inside.