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Good Eats at the Vancouver Christmas Market.

There are several things I look forward to in the month of December: end of exams, freedom, the holidays, more freedom, and the Vancouver Christmas Market.

Asides from all the Christmas mugs I’ve hoarded, er I mean collected, over the years.. the Vancouver Christmas Market always brings out the spirit of the holidays in me. Putting aside all the wonderful lights and decorations, it’s the atmosphere of the event that puts you in that festive mood.

From the moment you step through those entrance doors, you’re surrounded by the smell of mulled wine and apple cider. Everywhere you look there are vendors selling traditional German snacks, gingerbread mascots greeting guests, and even live music emanating from the central pagoda.

Sure, there are lots of things to see including German arts & crafts, beer steins, knitted alpaca accessories, and even toys, but what brings me back each and every year is the food.

Below are two of my favourites: The German bratwurst with sauerkraut, and the Jägerschnitzel.



It doesn’t look like much, but this takes your standard hot dog to a whole new level. The bratwurst sausage is grilled fresh, and the warmed bun is served with a fresh serving of sauerkraut (pick;ed cabbage). Although it might not sound or look appealing at first, you’ll be sold after the first bite.



This here is a Jägerschnitzel. Breaded veal cutlet with a scoop of mushroom gravy served with a side of German-style potato salad. The combination of these flavours and the crispness of the breading makes every bite of this meal worth it. Perhaps it’s the nostalgia of eating this (reminds me of my visit to Germany), but I look forward to this treat every year.

Asides from the two aforementioned eats, there’s so much more the Vancouver Christmas Market has to offer. If you have time, I encourage you to check it out! But do it fast because Christmas is quickly approaching and it’ll soon disappear for another year!

For more information (hours, ticket prices, vendors, etc.), visit the Vancouver Christmas Market.

Image sources: Vancity Buzz & The Chronicles of Wanderlust.