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GO get a Ball of Nostalgia

Everyone button up your jean jackets and make space in your phone, because a new game is going to be released on the iPhone and Android called Pokémon GO. Pokémon GO is a revolutionary game that allows you to travel between the real world and the virtual world of Pokémon.

But how will it work? Through augmented reality, players based on their location will gain the ability to explore their communities, schools, malls and any area in the hopes to pass by a Pokémon. When you do encounter one, you will have the abilities you’ve always dreamed of: catch, verse, and train your collected Pokémon. The game keeps social aspects in the forefront, having the ability to challenge or trade with random people in the area as you go on with your daily routine. Special events can also occur, such as a super rare Pokémon being released to the public in a certain spot for a limited time.

With wearable tech being a standard in the market, a companion watch-like device called Pokémon GO Plus will release making the game much easier with no apparent advantage. Connecting to your phone via bluetooth, haptic feedback and different led lights colors will notify you of nearby events or Pokémon in close proximity. Using simple button gestures, the device lets you throw Pokéballs or do other simple actions to let you keep playing with the world around you instead of having your eyes constantly glued to your device.

There is no exact release date for now, but expect the launch sometime in 2016. Brought by Nintendo, The Pokémon Company and Niantic. Niantic is known for creating Ingress, the augmented reality mobile game that utilizes GPS technology to fuel a sci-fi story encompassing the entire world. Ingress currently has 12 million downloads worldwide. It is safe to say the game won’t play exactly like the trailer, but we trust it’s being made with good hands.