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Getting Involved at BCIT is Great for Your Resume


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Ready to spice up your resume? Are you starting one from scratch? Consider getting involved in opportunities at BCIT to gain experience while you study.

You have plenty of options: you can join clubs (check, volunteer for events, attend workshops, and even write articles like this. Through participating in these activities, you get to add soft and hard skills to your repertoire and, better yet, you can add to various sections of your resume.

One idea is to list relevant ones under “Experience” or “Volunteer Experience,” with your soft and hard skills highlighted in descriptions of what your responsibilities involve. That’s because employers want to know how well you will fit in with their team and organization overall.

By including those activities, you show your prospective employer that you take initiative in life even outside the workplace, and they can gain insight into your values, passions, and personality. For example, if you mention that you are a member of Enactus BCIT (an organization immersed in entrepreneurship), this might show an employer you are committed to sustainable business. Or if you include your involvement in a campus mentorship program, the message you send is that you’re dedicated to learning from others.

Additionally, many opportunities at BCIT involve awards and competitions, meaning you have a chance at expanding your “Accomplishments” section, with the entries proving that not only did you get involved, but you also excelled at what you did.

The point is, there might be any number of applicants trying to score the same job as you, making it essential to stand out. Showing your life outside of work helps you achieve this, putting a spotlight directly on your skills, values, and accomplishments. So, be sure to get involved at BCIT and consider what the opportunities you join might mean to an employer!