Friday Fashion – Blanket Scarves

Every girl has felt that struggle when she stepped out into the morning rain in her rain boots, only to be dreaming of flats in the afternoon sun. Fall in Vancouver is notoriously unpredictable with daily temperature fluctuations and appearances made by the sun, clouds, rain, and wind. You need a closet staple that you can rely on. You need: a blanket scarf.


As the name suggests, an unfolded blanket scarf is quite large. Wrapping it around a few times will keep your entire mid-section cozy when braving the cold and rain. You can even literally use it as a blanket in class if you mistakenly decided on bare legs while its 10°C out (we’ve all been there)! On the flip side, you can also wear the scarf open if it’s getting too hot.

Not only are blanket scarves beneficial for enduring Vancouver weather, but they also come in a variety of patterns, materials, shapes, and sizes. As an addict, I have five. In reality, you really only need one. Pick a neutral colour (beige, grey, black) that has a simple pattern. That way you can wear it with any sweater or jacket, and get lots of good use out of it.


Many retailers have picked up on the blanket scarf trend, and offer cute styles for low prices. However, make sure to check the label to see what it is made of! Anything synthetic (polyester, acrylic, etc.) will make you sweaty, and your hair static – not a good look on anyone. Though wool and cotton tend to be more expensive, the natural fibres are more breathable, and are worth the investment.

Check out Aritzia, Urban Outfitters, Topshop, Zara, and many other stores around Vancouver to get a blanket scarf!