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Fraser Valley Freshman: Adam Hadwin’s first season on the PGA

Not every golfer gets the opportunity to go far in their career; only the chosen few that are excelling at the right time will make it.

In the case of Adam Hadwin, his dream came true this year as he completed in his first season on the PGA TOUR. The Abbotsford, BC native finished top of class on the TOUR’s development circuit before earning his professional status and winning two tournaments.

“It felt a little bit different being a full member and knowing that I was playing in the next week and the week after that. I’ve been fortunate enough now that my game has taken me to the highest level of the sport. I’m just going to try and soak this up as much as possible because it can be taken away just as easily as I got there,” said Hadwin.


Playing alongside veterans, multiple champions, and other rookies, Hadwin participated in 30 tournaments, making the cut in 18 of them and accumulating an impressive paycheck of more than $930,000.

“As an athlete, we always want to perform better. I put myself in some good situations through the first few rounds and wasn’t able to have good Sundays in those weeks, but I also had some great Sundays on other weeks. Overall, I’m pretty content with the way I played and I kept my job for next year, which is always a good thing on the PGA TOUR because it can be taken away just as easily.”

The Robert Bateman Secondary graduate is among only a small field of Canadian golfers, but all of them are on the rise of becoming champions. Hadwin, originally born in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, says he’s proud to bear the maple leaf.

“It truly is an honour; I’m proud to represent my country! With only a selected few of us this year in comparison to say more than 100 Americans, it’s really just an honour and a privilege and I’m proud to represent Canada wherever I go.”

The 28 year old will enjoy the remainder of the off-season before starting again in October for his sophomore season as a professional golfer.