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Foraging for Brunch!

It all began and ended with a marketing presentation delivered to our client. After several weeks and countless hours of research, brainstorming, debating, and sleepless nights, our term project was finally over. My team and I spent way too many hours together in a campus meeting room, but the moment we sat down for brunch, it was bittersweet.

For one, we knew that it was probably the last time we’d really “hang out” as a team; however, it was great to hang up our game-faces and just chat about anything other than our project for once. Of course, good food was a definite necessity.

Us being the first presenting group on a rainy Friday morning, we had the opportunity to step into Forage for brunch in downtown Vancouver, and it did not disappoint.

forageIt didn’t take long for us to be seated, but it did take us a while to browse their brunch menu. Everything looked delicious!

From duck confit to corned bison, seafood chowder to charcuterie, and fruit parfaits to buttermilk pancakes – there was a huge range of both sweet and savoury dishes to appeal to any palate and any mood.

I typically settle for something sweet in the morning to kick-start my day, but that particular morning called for a celebration. Seeing how the most important part was over and done with, I couldn’t resist ordering the “classic benny” with bacon, potatoes, and hollandaise sauce.


What can I say, right? Looked irresistible, and it tasted immaculate.

The moment you slice into those perfectly poached eggs, the yolk comes oozing out. The hollandaise was subtle and not overpowering, but the bacon’s smokiness was what gave this entire dish that extra something.

As simple as it looks, it was just what I needed that morning. Would I order it again? Yes, but everything else on the menu begs me to reconsider. Perhaps you should pay Forage a visit and see how easy it is for you to pick out a brunch item.. unless the aforementioned benny has won your heart already.

P.S. These folks are all about sustainability. Read more about it on their website via the link below!



1300 Robson Street
Vancouver, BC V6E 1C5
(604) 661-1400