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Femme-empowering art and music at Objet D’Arc

This Thursday, be sure to check out a great event in support of female and femme-identifying artists in the Vancouver art and music scene. Organized and presented by Vancouver artist/musician Sad China (aka Sunny Chen), Objet d’Arc aims to shed light on Sunny’s troubling experiences in Vancouver’s nightlife scene — something she believes is happening to many others— and to inspire change in the community.

According to the Facebook event page, Object d’Arc will feature “an evening of art and music aimed to empower women and femme-identifying individuals in our community and to lift the disillusions of heteronormative patriarchy, to reveal the oppression and objectification of women/femmes.” Featured artists whose work will be displayed for sale include: Zhamak Fullad, Nina Chwelos, Samia Sun, Kyla James, Simone Sylvan, Liz Kim, Ellie Zogia and more. Performances throughout the night include a live art performance from ACE titled “The Village Ram,” a screening of a short film from Miki Aurora entitled The Prophecy and a special music set from Sad China herself performing her new track “Ocean Girl.”

“I want people coming to my event to understand, that no matter who you are, what experiences you’ve had and whatever training, you can create art and your art will be featured.”

Objets d’Arc is the result of Sad China’s ambition and courage to help females and femme-identifying individuals who have been abused and neglected in the nightlife scene. We are no stranger to this conversation, as our October issue features an interview with Dope Haus DJ Chanel Klein who shared her own experiences as a female in the local nightlife scene. Sunny Chen hopes her event will draw even more awareness to the unsafe reality facing females and femme-identifying individuals in the community:

“I want more girls to be out there. It would be safer if there were more girls in those positions of power. If I write a song about how there are men out there preying on young girls in the community, and if everyone did that and everyone could talk about it, then those men eventually won’t have the support and won’t be able to have those opportunities to prey on those girls. Because right now, everybody is too scared to talk about it”

Objets d’Arc will be hosted at Vancouver Art and Leisure on October 13 from 7pm-12am. Minimum donations of $5 will be accepted at the door. More information can be found on the Facebook page: