Fashion Friday: Holiday Dresses

The holiday season is all about the December weeks leading up to Christmas. Malls are abuzz with shoppers, every second car on the road has a tree tethered to the roof, and the invitations to holiday parties are flooding in. Holiday parties are one of my favourite events of the year as they are synonymous with decorations, cookies, and spiked drinks, but they also put my wardrobe to the test.

If you love dresses like I do, there are infinite options for the holiday season. Common colours are jewel tones, metallic, and neutrals. Jewel tones are usually deep reds, blues, and greens that mimic the colours of gemstones like emerald and garnet. A new tone popping up in the fashion world is a berry-like purple for the holidays.


Metallic dresses that are gold, silver, and bronze can be very striking, but be careful the rest of your outfit is subtle with little, or no, jewellery. Otherwise, you’ll reflect the camera flash completely. Also be weary to not pull your New Year’s Eve dress out too early!

Lastly, neutral colours like grey, black, and white are the easiest to wear since they can be worn year-round. The little black dress is timeless, and can be worn with a statement necklace for contrast. To spice up a neutral dress, look for a variety of textures. Lace and velvet are popular during the holidays, and can be found in most stores. You can even throw a belt or sash on a dress to accentuate your waist.


Another thing to consider is the fit. If you were procrastinating from finals by hitting the gym, then kudos to you – wear that tight dress and look like a bombshell. However, if you’re like me and have been eating as if you’re going into hibernation, then find a flowy tunic dress. This will also allow you to eat more of the free food the hostess is offering so graciously (option to remove your belt halfway through the evening).

One last thing to keep in mind is the length. Know who else is going to the party. If it is a family affair, don’t make grandma faint because of your hemline! Be respectful and classy with a knee-length hem, and translucent or opaque tights.

You’re now ready to run the holiday party marathon. I wish you to have a wonderful, well-deserved, break from school. Sleep, eat, and be merry. Happy Holidays!