Fashion Friday: Floppy Hats

With so many ways to accessorize an outfit, I found one of the most surprising trends of this fall to be the floppy hat. That being said, it turns out to be the perfect accent for any outfit.

Whether made of felt or wool, floppy hats are comfortable and easy to wear. Neutral colours like black, grey, and tan top off – no pun intended – can make you look more put together with little extra effort. Colourful hats bring playfulness to an otherwise neutral outfit. Popular colours this fall are burgundy, forest green, and navy. You can even pair your hat colour to another item floppyhat2you wear to better punctuate your outfit. Try matching a colour in your patterned shirt, purse, or even lipstick to make it pop. I have Mac’s Partyline (creamsheen) lipstick on in these photos.

But floppy hats are not just random accessories. A wide brim can save your styled hair from an unexpected drizzle when you don’t have an umbrella on hand. Just be careful to not let the wind sweep it off your head! Floppy hats are commonly worn with your hair down – straight or curly, but try a side braid as a cute alternative.

An alternative to a distinctly ‘floppy’ hat is the wide-brimmed fedora. The brims tend to be stiffer, and have a smaller diameter. These hats have a slightly more masculine touch, bringing edginess to your outfit. Create contrast by pairing a wide-brimmed fedora with a more feminine dress, and a leather jacket. Instant bad-ass.