Emergency Preparedness

(Jorge Martinez)

(Jorge Martínez)

Over half a million people were left without power on August 29th when a powerful windstorm hit parts of B.C. Thousands of trees were uprooted, including some that lifted whole sidewalks and destroyed cars.

The 90 km/h winds caused major damages to houses, power lines and roads. Vancouver Pak Board alone claims approximately 500 trees where damaged during the storm.

This recent storm left people wondering if Metro Vancouver is ready for the “big one,” an earthquake that is estimated to be the largest in B.C.’s history with a magnitude-9 on the Richter scale.

Whether it s a powerful storm, or a mighty earthquake, emergency preparedness is vital. So if you are wondering what you can do to prepare, here are a few things you can do:

(Jorge Martínez)

(Jorge Martínez)

  • BCIT has an emergency warning alert system called BCIT Alert to help ensure the safety of students and staff in case of an emergency.
  • The City of Burnaby has resources online of what you can do in case of an emergency and how to make a plan.
  • The City of Vancouver offers free emergency preparedness workshops to learn how to prepare, respond, and recover from natural disasters. You can also learn how to reduce damage to your property.





Here are some videos about how to make a plan and how to put together an emergency kit: