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Earnest Ice Cream, You’ve Earned My Heart.


Good ice cream is easy to come by in Vancouver, but great ice cream, for a long time, wasn’t.. until recently.

Since 2012, Earnest has been producing unique ice cream flavours in small batches with the best ingredients available. The small batches allow them to play around with flavours and perfect them so that we, as ice cream lovers, can enjoy. Furthermore, Earnest cares a lot about the local community and environment!

All ingredients used in their ice cream are sourced locally from farms and small businesses, and the glass jars used to store their ice cream pints are recyclable.


Now with two locations opened in Vancouver, there are no lineups!


There are always lineups at Earnest because their ice cream is just that darn good. If you’d ask me, I say the reasons why their creation is so coveted is not just because of their overall mission statement, but because their ice cream is “seriously good”.

The flavours are perfectly balanced, the texture is smooth and creamy, and you can tell the quality is topnotch. The best reason, however, is because you never know what new flavours to expect each season.

Looking at their website as I write this, I’m quickly drawn to “Cardamon”, “Tahitian Vanilla”, and “London Fog” (my personal favourite and one I’d recommend if it’s your first time visiting).


If your plans this weekend are to study or Netflix and, erm, cram, why not do so with some ice cream?

Earnest offers pints at both locations with their more popular flavours. I do warn you, however, that once you pop these things open, it is extremely difficult to put down your spoon!

That said, once you’re finished with your pint, Earnest does give you back your deposit if you choose to return the jar and lid. Pretty swell, eh?

So, yea! Do visit either of the Earnest Ice Cream locations and let me know what your favourite flavour is.

For locations, hours and more, click the link below!

Earnest Ice Cream

Photo Credits: Janks Design Group, Bites of Vancouver, Beyond We Go