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Review: Sovereign Opal from Conviction Wines

Conviction wine bottle

By Lauren Edwards

I’ve never been one to drink casually but after starting as a full-time student, I’ve definitely come close. During the COVID-19 quarantine period with ample time to cook a nice dinner, I treated myself to a nice bottle to go with it.

Okanagan label Conviction Wines (Sandhill Winery, Kelowna) knew what they were doing when they created “The Industrialist” Sovereign Opal in 2014. The smooth pour is classified as a medium-bodied Pinot Grigio (i.e. it’s designed to complement a variety of foods) and designed for fruit-loving palettes.

It’s a fresh tasting white, good for someone like myself who enjoys the occasionally Riesling. Also, this wine is noteworthy because it’s inexpensive ($14.50) and it’s delicious. Some of the tasting notes are fruity and floral aromas—with pear and melon flavours hitting the tongue, followed by an aftertaste of refreshing apple and lemon. I don’t need to be a sommelier to say Sovereign Opal has exceptional qualities for a BC Pinot Grigio within that price range.

If you plan to stop by downtown Kelowna this summer, I recommend going into Sandhill Winery for a tasting.

Conviction’s recommended pairings: Grilled pork chops, salmon quiche, mild Indian curry, baked chicken in light cream sauce or baked brie with pita bread.

My recommended pairings: Pita bread, garlic hummus, Season 2 of The Crown, a good friend, and an aloe vera/green tea face mask.