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A Story of an International Student in Marketing

Hi! My name is Anastasiia, and I am an international […]

How I fell in love with BC

“Let’s go, bro, almost there!” I am slowly making my […]

How Staying Engaged With Diverse Communities Has Shaped Me

Many international students (including me) would agree that moving to […]

“This isn’t what we signed up for.” Two BCIT international students speak on the harsh reality of living here


“Leave room for Jesus”: How to club without getting COVID

After two years of being closed, clubs and bars have […]

Free Money for BCIT Students

The BCIT Student Association (BCITSA) has begun handing out $5 […]

The System Works

“BCIT has given me so much confidence, I wish I […]

The System is Broken

“The system is broken,” says local student council member Nolan […]

Student in BCIT’s Hardest Program Denied the Sympathy He Deserves

“It’s just not fair,” says local BCIT computing student Joseph […]

SATIRE: BCIT Prohibits Vehicles on Burnaby Campus

BCIT has ordered all parking lots to be demolished. The […]

Why the “Bruh Culture” Must Be Respected

As I cracked open a cold one with my best […]

Thoughts of a BCIT Student

MORNING The morning is all about deciding what time you’ll […]

BC Gov Distributes COVID Tests Just in Time for Pandemic to Be Over

The BC government has finally gotten around to distributing COVID […]

Small Town Girl Drops Out of College to Become the Next German Heiress

After binge-watching Inventing Anna over the weekend, first-year BCIT student […]

BC Hindu Community Outraged by Use Of Lord Ganesh on Logo

“We have hundreds of people today; we’ll have thousands next […]

Pandemic Resolutions: New Me, New Internalized Capitalism

When the pandemic got really bad and I started working […]

Jumping Down the Pop Culture Rabbit Hole

When I first moved  to Canada, immigration pamphlets would boast […]

What’s Going On In Ukraine?

Canada has become home to almost 1.4 million Ukrainian Canadians, […]

Who Am I?

When I try to define myself, I tend to look […]

Canadian Culture from International Students’ POV

Exploring and moving to a new country is tough—I know […]

Be Fearlessly Authentic: Kailee Vanderwoerd

Despite growing up in a small town in Northern BC, […]

From the Stove to the Soul: Venezuelan Cachapas Recipe

I recently caught up with some friends after their trip […]

Finding Your “Place”

The words “culture” and “community” can mean different things for […]

Personal Innovation

n is change, but it is a special kind of change that brings you to a new level in life. To have truly innovated, one must upgrade their current situation into something better. Innovation is more than just change, it is personal evolvement.

How who you love changes your access to public services.

The LGBTQIA2S+ (LGBTQ) community has made significant civil rights improvements […]

Love Languages

It was another ordinary day after a church event when […]

Women in Fitness

Recognizing a need for women’s fitness One thousand years ago, […]

Get Out There!

  Last summer, I played beach volleyball for the first […]


Over the past two years I’ve been working on a […]

The Science of Life

India is home to one of the world’s oldest holistic […]


Yes, it’s that time of the year again! From the […]

What About Drinking?

My first drink was a celebratory shot of tequila after […]

Freshman 15

The popular term Freshman 15 refers to the idea that […]

Don’t Let Your Learning Disability Impede Your Future

Thousands of students struggle with learning disabilities and unique learning […]

Review: Ye.

The album explores darker topics such as suicide, self-isolation, overdose, […]

Hello, Nature!

I’m not a hiker. You can probably guess that when […]

Good Sleep

With midterms approaching, it’s important that you’re getting enough sleep. […]

Ideal Identity

Social media is no stranger in our daily routine. The […]

Zoom Fatigue

“The distractions of not being in the classroom have caused […]

Open Education

BCIT Open Education Grants BCIT offers Open Education Grants to […]

Link’s Guide to the 2021 Federal Election

Elections can be difficult things. Party platforms (the documents that […]

Bringing Light to Amenities for BCIT Students

Have you tried all student resources offered at BCIT? I […]

Not Quite Normal

BCIT is bringing students and faculty back to campus this […]

The Green Knight

If you are hearing the call of the big screen […]

Get Involved at BCIT

Going back to school this year is going to look […]

What is in a Name?

What is the power of a name?  Our names can […]

Love Across The Pond

“The internet has made it easier than ever to connect […]

Drug Use Is A Social Thing

For many people, the first time they use drugs they […]


A mass shooting of three East Asian spa parlours in […]

The Fight for Freedom

Have you ever wondered what history, culture, and government have […]

Generation Wars

If you want the exact numbers, Millennials were born between […]

Srushti Gangdev: Changing Journalism

For those of us who want to enter media and […]

The Culture of Cultures

Kendall Jenner’s new product, 818 Tequila, hit the market this […]

A Canadian Legacy of Anti-Asian Discrimination: From the Head Tax to Hate Crimes

Karen Cho’s documentary “In the Shadow of Gold Mountain” depicts […]

Centering Whiteness

Heritage and culture feel like fraught topics of discussion that […]

Journey to Canada

We are a growing country, and the more we embrace […]

Learning to Trust the Process: An Art Feature by Christine Peng

With so many uncertainties in life, what is unknown can […]

When It Comes to Queer Rights, Is the Revolution Over?

Back before I became a student, I had a co-worker […]

Review – Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

“A creative life is an amplified life. It’s a bigger […]

Review – Braving the Wilderness: The Quest for True Belonging and the Courage to Stand Alone

BE YOU. BE SEEN. BELONG.   Are you truly belonging […]

Our Changing Campus

BCIT is not exceptional in its need to adapt to […]

Real People, Real Job, False Conceptions: An Interview with Clover

Porn has long been treated as taboo in our societal […]

Gender Roles at BCIT & Beyond

  In the last decade, there has been a push […]

Creation Defines Me: An Art Feature by Takshita Kumar

What defines you as a person are not your highs […]

Eating Habit Myths: Debunked

From social media to health blogs, nutrition myths are all […]

Vancouver Fashion Week Presents Pandemic Collections in an Underwhelming Performance

“Did it start?” asks my friend who is sitting next […]

REVIEW: Eastside Cultural Crawl Displacement Exhibit

A Focus on Indigenous Community Place Making It’s not everyday […]

Politics of Good Health & Poor Decision Making

By most standards, Canadians can be considered reasonably healthy people. […]

Beauty and The Temporarily Abled

A transformed definition and experience of beauty is a collective […]

Review: Untamed-You are a goddamn cheetah!

Glennon Doyle’s memoir, called Untamed, is a collection of intimate […]

Clubs for Community:Energize Your Club Away From BCIT

The transition to online classes in late March affected how […]

The self-esteem melting pot: learning how to maintain your self-esteem in post-secondary

It’s so easy to pay other people compliments and cheer […]

Review: The audacity to be queen

The Audacity to Be Queen is a self-help book for […]

Theatre and the Mind

Theatre has always had a special place in my heart. […]

Why do I miss BCIT?

Here’s something I never thought I’d say: “I miss BCIT.” […]

Review: La Haine (The Hate)

Set in the notoriously violent suburbs of Paris, Mathieu Kassovitz’s […]

Review: The Witcher, Andrzej Sapkowski

Perhaps the news of today has provided you with your […]

Photo Feature: Elin Molenaar

When Elin Molenaar came to Vancouver from Dirkshorn in the […]

Exploring Personality

Exploring Ourselves People are naturally curious about who they are. […]

Wanderlust Feature

Where we’ve gone, and where we’ll go again. 

MYTH: BCIT Kills Your Social Life

(How to hold onto your social life as a BCIT […]

Policing the Police: a look at excessive force in Canada and the United States

Amid a slew of news reports involving violent (and lethal) […]

Dating Around, Season Two is Here

Blind date enthusiasts rejoice! The Netflix original series, Dating Around, has […]

Link Magazine Comics, Compiled

After going through our old posts, we realized that we […]

When Reality Plagues Fiction

The ironic escapism of pandemic-inspired books, films, and television. If […]

Choose Your Words

Among the numerous consequences of COVID-19, one ugly side effect […]

Pipelines: friend, foe, or somewhere in between?

The odds are that if you live in BC and […]

Runway Rebels: Fashion Meets Protests

Not a New Concept For decades, the multi-billion-dollar global industry […]

Companies that are thriving during COVID-19

Money-making behind the screens by Daniella Pettenon COVID-19 has brought […]

Art Feature: Rhi Forsyth

Illustrations of a Daydreamer Under the pseudonym Maen Illustrates, Rhi […]

To Decolonize Nature is to Conserve It


We’ve All Been Victims of Greenwashing

Greenwashing(n.)¹: the act of misleading customers or potential customers into […]

Become A Green Shopper: Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

words Daniella Pettenon We all know those second-to-last row classmates […]

Online Games & More

Tired of online classes and watching Netflix? Here is your […]

48-hour Vancouver theatre creation challenge goes online

Theatre Under the Gun: The Social Distancing Edition is a 48-hour […]

Review: ‘Funeral’ by Lil Wayne

By Vishal Pillay Lil Wayne has finally released the awaited […]

Review: Sovereign Opal from Conviction Wines

By Lauren Edwards I’ve never been one to drink casually […]

Review: HSBC Rugby 7-aside

Rugby fever came to town in March, and almost 75,000 […]

How BCIT is Responding to COVID-19

Update as of 3:55 pm PST, March 13, 2020 President […]

Don’t Be Chopped Liver: Your Springtime Health

How You Can Take Care of Your Liver words Nick […]

The History of Green Beer

  St. Patrick’s Day—a day where every Irish pub in […]

Review: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

  Attention food, culture and comedy lovers! Chef and restaurateur […]

Review: Waves

Waves follows the story of 17-year-old black student and wrestler […]

Art Feature: Vincent Lin

At his core, Vincent Lin is just a shy little […]

A Walk Through Cindy Sherman’s Exhibit

I have always been curious about photography but never really […]

Pregnancy Prevention

Alright, you’re ready to have sex, but you don’t want […]

Photo Feature: Julia Verea

Julia Verea is a 24-year-old photographer, screenwriter, social media manager, […]

Recipe: Tabbouleh

Aside from the monotonous task of chopping vegetables, Tabbouleh is […]

Recipe: Baba Ghanoush

I make Baba Ghanoush in a small food processor, but […]

Making Money Moves

Empowering women through twerking Nicole V. advertised her twerking class […]

BCIT Hackathon 2020 – Using Computation Solutions to Get Ahead

Aaron Rempel sat down with Justin Cervantes of the BCIT […]

5 Myths About Porn DEBUNKED

“The internet is for porn! The internet is for porn! […]

Sex Confessions

From the awkward to the gross to the triumphant, a […]

Campus Relationships: Finding Balance

When I first stepped onto the BCIT campus, I had […]

Music Review: ‘Circles’ by Mac Miller

The hip-hop artist’s posthumous album dropped on January 17 Mac […]

Film Review: Marriage Story

Marriage Story pits the two ideas of falling in and […]

Beer Review: The Steamworks Espresso Stout

The Steamworks Espresso Stout is a light-bodied heavily malted beer […]

Historic ‘Parasite’ Oscars win salvages a bland awards season

‘Parasite’ and Joaquin Phoenix topped headlines during Hollywood’s biggest night. The 92nd Academy Awards recognized (and snubbed) the best film achievements of the year on Sunday.

Concert Review: Greyson Chance’s ‘Good as Gold’

Born in West Texas, Greyson Chance got his start in […]

PuSh International Performing Arts Festival starts tomorrow!

PuSh is a three-week festival featuring an emotionally honest, politically […]

Is Mental Health Developed by Nature or Nurture?

Divorce As a Catalyst for Intergenerational Mental Health Concerns Can […]

Review: ‘Chixtape 5’ by Tory Lane

Canadian rapper Tory Lanez takes us back to the 2000s […]

Booze ‘N’ Schmooze: Review

What: BOOZE ‘N’ SCHMOOZE – An Independent Filmmakers Meetup When: […]

Film Review: ‘Cats’ is a lewd monstrosity that needs to be spayed

Director Tom Hooper’s adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s hit Broadway […]

Film Review: ‘Parasite’ is a true cinematic masterwork

South Korean director Bong Joon-ho satirizes class warfare in his […]

Film Review: Ad Astra (2019)

Buckle up. It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for—Brad […]

Curry Pumpkin Soup

Ingredients:  • 1 celery stalk, diced • 1 medium white […]

Photo Feature: Sydney Wong

Vancouver is a city that screams vibrancy and culture, and […]

Ok, Boomer

The response we were looking for but not the one […]

Playing With Fire: Ceramics of the Extraordinary

The newest exhibit at UBC’s Museum of Anthropology features 11 […]

First Time at the Vancouver Christmas Market

Photos by Eric J.W. Li Last week, I visited the […]

Op-Ed: Nothing Lasts Forever

Words Sherry M. Lai My first ever online purchase was […]

Art Feature: Zach Whitbread

Zach Whitbread is a twenty-something-year-old frog who’s a complicated mess […]

Holiday Ladder Safety Tips from WorkSafeBC

The holiday season is approaching and WorkSafeBC is reminding workers, […]

Oslo Ranked Smartest City in the World

Comparative analysis reveals the cities emerging as leaders of smart […]

MOA Challenges Traditional Notions of Clay with Premiere Exhibition

The Museum of Anthropology (MOA) at UBC presents the exhibition, […]

VIFF 2019: Portrait of a Lady on Fire

French director Céline Sciamma’s historical lesbian romance paints a transfixing […]

A UV Light Halloween-Themed Art Exhibit is Coming to Vancouver

Ghosts of the Lower Mainland, a Halloween-themed Exhibition of Faux […]

Campbell River Tech Competition Awarding $200,000 in Prizes

Calling all innovative entrepreneurs with ideas to solve real-life problems […]

Diversity Arts & Entertainment Presents #BestWitches

The #BestWitches campaign is a result of an after-hours social […]


Student life is hard. It’s filled with assignments, examinations, and […]

How to Decorate Your New Space

Blank walls and empty shelves can be a dreary sight […]

DanceHouse Presents Australia’s Leading Indigenous Dance Company

DanceHouse, in partnership with Dancers of Damelahamid, launches its 2019/20 […]

SuperBetter: A Review

SuperBetter is a task-manager companion app for depression, anxiety, stress, […]

An interview with the admin of BCIT Confessions

BATmin, SADmin and Dadmin open up about the page’s origins, […]

EMV Launches 50th Anniversary Season with Le Concert Spirituel: Baroque Orchestral Suites

Early Music Vancouver (EMV) commences its 50th Anniversary Season with […]

Vancouver Christmas Market celebrates 10th Anniversary

This holiday season, the Vancouver Christmas Market celebrates its 10th […]

Introducing Scholarships for Indigenous Journalism Students

The Jack Webster Foundation is pleased to announce an addition […]

Jordan Grant Pedersen: Photographer & Drafting Technician

Jordan Grant Pedersen bought his first camera in 2012 as […]

Five Podcasts to Check Out This Fall

Sometimes your eyes need a break from staring at screens. […]

Canadian Researchers Explore How Food Packaging Affects Food Waste

National Zero Waste Council Researching Relationship Between Food Waste and […]

Retro Tech Revival

The sales of vinyl records, cassette tapes, and classic video […]

It’s not just about sweatshops: Vancouver’s Sustainable Fashion Scene

Earlier this year Metro Vancouver launched a campaign to combat […]

Once More With Feeling

  there’s something about being alone in a radio station […]

The Interactive Art of Enclosure

B.C.-based conceptual artist Mowry Baden uses perceptual psychology, science, and […]

Can You Virtually Enhance Empathy?

The Friend 2 Friend Social Learning Society is using virtual […]

Where At BCIT Can Students Find Pride

Illustration by Sheku Nafisi Last week I met with Trina […]

“Hey Guys” And Why It’s Harmful: reducing the use of gender coded language

Who among us hasn’t, at some point, referred to a […]

Awards cannot replace Action: the story of Nadia and Malala

Last October, twenty-five-year-old Nadia Murad was awarded the Nobel Peace […]

The Canadian Branch of Feminism

BCIT Communications instructor Tessa Jordan discusses the impact of cultural […]

The Woman Behind Rihanna’s Omelette Dress

For the first time in its history, the Vancouver Art […]

Bandersnatch (2018)

Netflix’s Bandersnatch has sent post-modern science fiction so far down […]

The Lady in Red

words Breah Zaman Illustration Sheku Nafisi   Her lips are cracked, […]

Evolving the Caribbean Superhero

Rasta Comics founder Rayon Morris wants to infuse authentic Caribbean culture […]


The 2018 Vancouver International Film Festival is underway and we’re […]

VIFF 2018 – Cold War

The 2018 Vancouver International Film Festival is underway and we’re […]

VIFF 2018 – The Front Runner

The 2018 Vancouver International Film Festival is underway and we’re […]

VIFF 2018 – Sofia

The 2018 Vancouver International Film Festival is underway and we’re […]

Box of Freedom @ Vancouver Fringe Festival

Vancouver Fringe Festival runs every year in September. This year, […]

VIFF 2018: Our Fave Five Events

The 2018 Vancouver International Film Festival has begun and we’ve […]

Virginia Jack @ Vancouver Fringe Festival

Vancouver Fringe Festival runs every year in September. This year, […]

Unhinged @ Vancouver Fringe Festival

Vancouver Fringe Festival runs every year in September. This year, […]

REVIEW: The Dance Teacher

With actors in the audience, The Dance Teacher reminds us that we rarely get to see all sides of a story

Cabin Fever at the VAG

A look into our nostalgic past at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

Super Troopers 2: The Time is Meow!

Super Troopers 2 directed by: Jay Chandrasekhar starring: Jay Chandrasekhar, Kevin […]

VIDF REVIEW – Goh Ballet

Thank you to to the 2018 Vancouver International Dance Festival, […]

Review: Chasing Coral

photos courtesy: The Ocean Agency – XL Catlin Seaview Survey […]

Toward the Source (2018)

Toward the Source (2018) Dir. Norton Smith Filmed in the […]

BEYOND BCIT: Mantar Bhandal

Mantar Bhandal is one of the freshest faces in sports […]

VIDF 2018: Rite of Spring & Folding

Thank you to to the 2018 Vancouver International Dance Festival, […]

VIDF 2018: Studies and Fragments on Dream

Thank you to to the 2018 Vancouver International Dance Festival, […]

Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby.

words tanushree pillai illustrations brianne bruneau A few days ago, […]

BCITMA Fundraiser: Behind the queens

Meet the models from the BCITMA’s Fashion Fundraiser.


On March 9th, the BCIT Marketing Association (BCITMA) held their […]

Review: Exit 22’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Staging a beloved and classic work of theatre such as […]

Red Sparrow: Review

Red Sparrow weaves the tale of a ballerina turned Russian […]

Vancouver International Dance Festival 2018

Looking to tap your feet to a funky beat? Sip […]


illustrations eda aktas The #MeToo movement unofficially began in October […]

Student Spotlight: Michael Lim

photos max huang Michael Lim made a name for himself […]

PuSh Festival Review: Some Hope For the Bastards

The PuSh International Performing Arts Festival has occurred annually in […]

Netflix’s “3%”: Review

3% is Netflix’s first venture into a Portuguese-language original series, […]

The Post: Review

The Post is a film that places a spotlight on […]

Shape of Water: Review

My friend is a huge fan of Guillermo del Toro’s […]

Peter and the Star Catchers : Exit 22 Capilano University Theatre

An Exit 22 Company production. Adapted for the stage by […]

VIFF 2017: Interview with Christopher Auchter

The Mountain of SGaana, an award-winning short film based on […]

VIFF 2017: Interview with Sam Voutas

Author: Selenna Ho What is your personal connection with the […]

VIFF 2017: Never Steady, Never Still

Thank you to the 2017 Vancouver International Film Festival for […]

VIFF 2017: Borg vs. McEnroe

Review by Laura Johnston Borg vs. McEnroe dir. Janus Metz […]

VIFF 2017: Angkor Awakens: A Portrait of Cambodia

Thank you to the 2017 Vancouver International Film Festival for […]

VIFF 2017: Infiltration

Review by Hamish Singh Infiltration dir. Robert Morin True North […]

VIFF 2017: The Mountain of SGaana

Review by Aaron Guillen The Mountain of SGaana dir. Christopher […]

VIFF 2017: Anarchist from the Colony

Anarchist from the Colony (Hangul: 박 열) dir. Lee Joon-ik […]

October Photo Walk

[siteorigin_widget class=”SiteOrigin_Widget_Slider_Widget”][/siteorigin_widget] October Photo Walk Credits: Natalie Fox Michael White […]

Review: The Christians

The Christians Written by Lucas Hnath Directed by Sarah Rodgers […]

Battle of the Sexes review

In our world today we are seeing more and more […]

Review: Kingsman — The Golden Circle

  KINGSMAN: The Golden Circle dir. Matthew Vaughn 20th Century […]

Toronto’s grandson in Vancouver

I had the pleasure of attending a show earlier this […]

Fringe 2017: Soul Samurai

Soul Samurai Written by Qui Nguyen Directed by Nathania Bernabe   Imagine […]

Fringe 2017: Just Not That Woman- Review

Just Not That Woman Written and Performed by Ali Scott […]

Fringe 2017: Draining the Swamp — A Musical Tweet

Draining the Swamp: A Musical Tweet Written by Rajiv Joseph Directed […]

Fringe 2017: Gruesome Playground Injuries

The 2017 Fringe Festival (Sept 7 -17) is underway and LINK has been busy […]


BCIT Engineering student, Jason Wait, joined thousands of other eclipse […]


Band: Arcade Fire Album: Everything Now Release Date: July 28, […]

Strongest Links 2016-2017

Best of the Best We had so many amazing BCIT […]

REVIEW: DAMN — Kendrick Lamar

With 4 simple letters, Kendrick Lamar announced his return to the rap game and this time he wasn’t around to play.

Alien: Covenant Review

Covenant is a colony ship bound for a distant planet. […]

FILM: This is Home

For our April issue, Ray Yu caught up with BCIT […]

Write On My Heart

Write On My Heart Defending LGBTQ Rights in the Age […]

What Do You Meme?

Written by Jordan Kwong Artwork by Carolina Galdamez When I […]

FILM: Get Out

  If you haven’t seen Hollywood’s latest ‘it movie’ Get […]

BOOKS: Big Fit Girl by Louise Green

Big Fit Girl: Embrace the Body You Have Louise Green […]

The Internet Of Things: Are We Ready?

The following article was originally published in our March 2016 […]

Student / Mom

Tanushree PIllai took a chance on moving with her son to Canada, in search of a better life, knowing full well that for the average Indian woman, this is freedom.

Reviewed: Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links

Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Links iOS, Android (konami) A shot of nostalgia […]

Reviewed: The xx — ‘I See You’

  The xx I See You (young turks) The echoes […]

Women’s March 2017

Photos from Vancouver’s Women’s March (January 21, 2017)

10 Simple Steps For Being In Films and Tv

Soooo… I’m guessing you’re curious about being in movies with the […]

All a Board: Pandemic

I didn’t want to write about Pandemic until I’ve played the […]

Photo Feature: JOEL LAURINO

With film, you slow down and try to create the story.

All a Board — Exploding Kittens + 1st Expansion Pack!

Hey guys, let’s talk cards. And by that, I mean […]

Escaping Agra

What would you do if you were forced to live […]

Student Spotlight: Curtis Renning

Discover the abstract colours of 4th-year Architecture student, Curtis Renning.

Student Spotlight: Luisa Alvarez

Hear stories from the BCIT Broadcast student about her amazing internship at a fashion channel in the Philippines.

All a Board — Carcassonne

In my last board game review, I shared a list […]

“Rules Don’t Apply” Movie Review

If you’re younger than 30, you probably don’t know who […]

Tokimeki Maid Cafe Event at Ki Tea House Cafe on November 26!

Hey students! Looking to try something new? Or maybe looking […]

Solo Concert-Going Experience: Daniela Andrade @ Rio Theatre

It’s kind of strange buying tickets for an artist from […]

Solange: A Seat at the Table

If you haven’t listened to this album yet, American R&B […]

Vancouver Fan Expo 2016

The Vancouver Fan Expo has been around since 2012 and […]

New West Film Fest Unites Movie Buffs

The New West Film Fest returned to the city last […]

Suitcase Stories: Review

A group of us circled around Maki Yi after her […]

Frankenstein 1945: Review

Frankenstein has been brought back to life many times over […]

The Dead Rise In Vancouver

It’s Walking Dead season, and if you’re anything like me, […]

Are You Ready For Your Blessings?

Max Omelaniec trips on an exam and then ends up at the Chance the Rapper show riding an Ultra Light Beam

All a Board — Ticket to Ride: Europe

In the age of first-person shooters, Annie Sheng keeps it analog […]

Yeezy Taught Me

the sea of kids in dad hats, bomber jackets, and ripped jeans, collectively lost its mind

Vinyl Connection: Why Records Still Rock

Whether you have your own collection, or you’ve thumbed through […]

Femme-empowering art and music at Objet D’Arc

This Thursday, be sure to check out a great event in support of female and femme-identifying artists in the Vancouver art and music scene.

Skateboarding just got a whole lot gayer

Today Brian Anderson became the first openly gay pro skateboarder.

Man, What a time To be Alive

Drake and Future bring the 6ix to the 604.


Extras from our September spotlight shoot on location at Pool 99 in North Vancouver

Photoshop Express: A Life Changing Photo Editor

As a photo editing/manipulation wiz, I often get asked to […]

Friday Fashion: The Cypher

With this crazy semester in full swing, I can’t wait […]

Student Life in Finland

Moi BCIT. Today marks our 16th day in Helsinki. This […]

Podcasts, who knew?

Over the winter break, while everyone was working to save […]

New Year, No Money

The New Year has officially begun and with that comes […]

Good Eats at the Vancouver Christmas Market.

There are several things I look forward to in the […]

Fashion Friday: Holiday Dresses

The holiday season is all about the December weeks leading […]

Five Obscure ’90s Christmas Specials You Might Remember

If you grew up in the ’90s with a VCR, […]

Fashion Friday: Loungewear

With the Fall 2015 term wrapping up, students at BCIT […]

Tech Christmas Wish List 2015: Part 1

Christmas is almost here! Along with the holiday cheer, Christmas […]

Review: Mutemath’s ‘Vitals’

November was a good month for music, both right here […]

Friday Fashion: Study Style

I feel good when I look good. Even for studying, […]

Review: We Are The City’s “Above Club”

Former Peak Performance Project winners and current multi-dimensional artists We […]

Fashion Friday: Floppy Hats

With so many ways to accessorize an outfit, I found […]

GO get a Ball of Nostalgia

Everyone button up your jean jackets and make space in […]

Photo feature: B&W Broadcast

As part of a class assignment, First-year Broadcast Journalism students […]

Two Documentaries Every Business Student Should Watch

There are a bunch of worthwhile documentaries out there, each […]

Review – James Bond Spectre

Going into the the theatre I was pretty excited to […]

Enactus BCIT: Mission Transition

Let’s give a warm welcome to November! You know what […]

Friday Fashion: Why You Need a Pair of Pointed Toe Boots

There is a reason why most girls will tell you […]

Last Minute Costumes From Your Closet

  If you’re like me, you’ve totally left your Halloween […]

I’m in Love With the Bánh Mì.

What is ‘Bánh mì’? In Vietnamese, it is a term […]

Fashion Friday – Knit Sweaters

Autumn: the season for eating pumpkin-flavoured-everything and cramming for midterms. […]

4 Reasons to Participate in Today’s Federal Election

It’s finally October 19th, and after Canada’s most expensive, and […]

Friday Fashion: How to Style Black on Black

I love wearing black. It’s warm and cold. It‘s timeless […]

Review: Experimenter at VIFF

The Vancouver International Film Festival wrapped up last week after […]

Review: The Martian

Ridley Scott’s newest sci-fi feature The Martian was released last […]

Casting the Ballot: Are You Ready?

Monday, October 19th is almost here, and I’m hoping you […]

Friday Fashion: A Guide to Denim

Nothing is more synonymous with autumn than denim. My favourite […]

October is here!

But just because summer officially ended last week doesn’t mean […]

Trailers & Expectations

I want to issue you a challenge: Watch more movies […]

Campus Contests: Vancouver Fashion Week

It’s Fashion Week It’s that time of year again! #VancouverFashionWeek […]

Vancouver Fashion Week SS16: Designers to Watch

Vancouver Fashion Week is here. Check out our picks for designers to watch this season.

Friday Fashion – Blanket Scarves

Every girl has felt that struggle when she stepped out […]

Fringe Fest Spotlight: The Traveller

Expression through performance art has many different shades and creative […]

VFW — Link looks back

Revisit some of our favourite looks from last years’ Vancouver Fashion Week

Ruby Sparks: An Introduction & Recommendation

I haven’t entirely decided what the focus of this blog […]

Clubs On Campus – Toastmasters

Having trouble finding people who are into the same things […]

One week down…

Congratulations on finishing your first week of class (let the […]


Every year, hundreds of thousands or people flock to Vancouver for the annual Pride Parade and this year is expected to be the biggest celebration yet.

Home: A review

I don’t know who cried more, me or the dozens […]

Oh…Dear Rogue!

They are the whirlwind that is grabbing everyone by their […]

March Madness!

March Madness is one of the greatest times of the […]

Spring (Training) Fever

The boys of summer are back for spring training. But who won and lost in the off season?

So now you’re a feminist

How many feminists does it take to change a lightbulb? Got your attention? Good.

Out of Focus?

Will Smith’s new Romantic Comedy has plenty to laugh at, but not always in a good way

NHL Trade Season Is Here

With the trade deadline looming, teams are starting to shake things up. Rumours aplenty, fan interest peaking, and NHL GM’s phones blowing up as we speak.

Academy Award post-mortem

All the best moments of the 87th Academy Awards.

Superbowl reflections

By now, Seahawks fans have recovered enough and Patriots fans have washed the stink of deflate gate off for a post mortem.

Oscar Contenders: The Reviews!

Didn’t get a chance to catch all of the Best Picture nominated films? Here’s your official Link guide!

Here come the Oscars!

Fan of the Oscars? Samantha Pinter-Thompson is! She’s got your definitive guide for this weekend’s must-see event for pomp, pageantry, and philm (see what we did there?)

Review – Kingsman: The Secret Service

Matthew Vaughn’s ambitious spy comedy blends Kick-Ass with Casino Royale, with varying results.

Be Still My Tinder Heart

To Tinder or not to Tinder? Sarah Morden takes a humourous look at valentines day in the digital era.

Great Expectations – The Deal With Valentines Day

Olivia Smith gets to the heart of what Valentine’s means to BCIT students.

To 2015 and beyond

Jon Hall mashes buttons and wiggles a control stick into […]

Super Smash Brothers on WiiU: An All-Out Brawl

Jon Hall dives in, divides, and conquers.

“The Terrorist’s Son”

Against all odds, being raised by a terrorist, Zak Ebrahim’s reminds us that sometimes we do have a choice.

Katy Perry to bedazzle Superbowl XLIX

A look back at the past 4 Superbowl Halftime shows from Bruno Mars, Beyonce, Madonna, and the B.E.P.

A brighter Rio After successfully raising over $16,000 dollars, the Rio Theatre […]

“The Interview” finally shows in Vancouver.

Rachel Fox, movie programmer at the independent Rio Theatre in […]

Cutting The Cable

A CRTC report released this past May suggests the numbers […]

Enter the Cellar

The Art of Cellaring Beer: Ever had a beer that […]

Juicing your way to a healthy 2015

It’s that time of the year again – The festive […]

Final Fantasy 15 English Trailer Impressions

Is it as bad as some of the previous installations […]


If you picked up December’s issue of Link, you probably read […]

BCITV — “Be Right Back”

Loosely based on a true tale, the show follows a group of students as they come together for the first time to create a short film.

BCITV – “Late Night at Studio One”

Behind the scenes of’Late Night Talk’ with host Timm Bruch. Unfortunately for Timm, his dreams are smashed by someone with just a tad more experience.

BCITV — “The Internship”

A group of friends from BCIT Journalism school are given the opportunity of a lifetime, but when tempers are flared, ticks are contrasted, and friends become enemies, the winner of the internship could be anyone.

BCITV – “Of Lust and Love”

Abandoned by his mother as a child, Jason is a teacher whose girlfriend is on a humanitarian mission.

BCITV: “The Pretenders”

21 Jump Street meets The Avengers… except instead of a bad-ass team of Marvel characters, it’s a crew of completely incompetent idiots.

BCITV: “Heist, Heist Baby”

In today’s feature: Detective Maxwell, a disgraced cop-turned-private investigator, is determined to get to the bottom of a classic whodunit.

In Case You’re Bored, Check Out “Cooking With Dog”

There’s never a shortage of interesting stuff to watch when […]

There’s an Elf at my House

Associate Editor Ria Renouf has a (sort of) creepy guest […]

The 1975 Play the Vogue Theatre

Link contributor Spencer Williams had a chance to take in […]

Link Gift Guide – Men’s Shaving

Men, now that movember is over, you can have your […]

Renowned refugee spokesperson to attend Vancouver conference

Known as the girl in the picture, refugee Kim Phuc […]

Remembering The Hollywood

A year ago this week, the Hollywood Theatre in Vancouver […]

Peak Performance Project Finalist: The Tourist Company

As an avid concert goer, I am one of many […]

Peak Performance Project Finalist: Derrival

As an avid concert goer, I am one of many […]

Sights and sounds as BCIT’s House Post comes along

Next June there will be a new addition to BCIT’s […]

Urinetown: The Musical

Yes, you read that right. Urinetown the musical. And no, […]

Let’s get wet (shaving)

So I piqued your interest in wetshaving… You’ll be whipping […]

Diwali Downtown

Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights was celebrated last month […]

I met the Smoking Man from X-Files

The X-Files’ ever-elusive “Smoking Man” took centre stage at the […]

Product Positioning – Ian Twa on the move from boarding to branding

Calgary isn’t exactly world-renowned as a skate city. Serious winters […]

We Day Vancouver, 2014

Selena Gomez, Nick Jonas, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. What do […]

Scary Gaming Series: Five Nights at Freddy’s

 “Welcome to Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. A magical place for kids […]

Scary Gaming Series: Slenderman

Slender: The Arrival can go back home Blue Isle’s adventure […]

Utopia – One hell of a gutsy show.

Dark, thought provoking, and beautiful. That’s Dennis Kelly’s Utopia. I’ve […]

Scary Games Review: Alien: Isolation

Creative Assembly (developers of the Total War series) promised a […]

Scary Gaming Series: Dead Space 2

Dead Space 2 is hands down the most absolutely terrifying […]

Link Web Special: Creepy Games Series

If you’re looking for different tricks or treats…then be sure […]

The Book of Life

“A touching spectacle in the world of animated film.” The […]

Two More Recommendations from VIFF!

Men, Women, and Children The feature film Men Women, & […]

Movie Review: Annabelle

Loosely based on true events, Annabelle tells the story of a […]

A Starchy Snack Canadians Could Crave?

Just when you thought the deep fried trend couldn’t get […]

VIFF Film Review: White Bird in a Blizzard

  White Bird In A Blizzard is about a daughter […]

VIFF Film Review: Class Enemy

  A new German teacher takes over a class, and […]

VIFF Review – Just Eat It

Why are we wasting time and energy producing food when almost half of it is thrown away?

Super Smash Brothers on 3DS: A Smashing Success

Nintendo’s new ‘Super Smash Bros.’ on the 3DS lands a […]

Movie Review: Gone Girl

On the surface, Gone Girl looks like the story of a […]

Mixing Mediums – Full interview with Noah Bowman.

Every month as a part of our Student Spotlight feature […]

Greg Drummond: the man behind the beard

Greg Drummond, a local musician, has become pretty successful after […]

Styled BCIT: With MissMikaylaG

Fashion week might have come and gone, but after giving […]

Wasteland 2 Delivers on 25+ Year Pedigree

It’s been a while since the world has seen Brian […]


Didn’t make it out to Froshfest this year? Then you […]

Vancouver Fashion Week: Street Style

Vancouver Fashion Week wrapped up yesterday and it’s a bittersweet […]

Vancouver Fashion Week: South Asian Night

Day 4 of Vancouver Fashion Week continues with showcases from […]

Vancouver Fashion Week: Wake up & Makeup

Makeup can make or break your look. Here’s a look at some of the styles and techniques being used during VFW.

Vancouver Fashion Week: Designers to Watch

Following a sneak peak at the opening gala, Jasmine gives us a Day 2 heads up on designers to watch for throughout the week.

The Beginner’s Survival Guide to Vancouver Fashion Week

Surviving Vancouver Fashion Week isn’t for the faint of heart. Jasmine Nijjar is at ground zero all week and has some tips for staying afloat.

In Case You Missed it: Controlling the Controller

In our last issue of Link Magazine, writer Jon Hall sat down […]

Link Magazine: Fireside Chat, Episode 1

This year Link Magazine promised to come back bigger and better than […]

A Link Magazine Welcome!

  On September 2nd, you may have had a chance […]

Movie Review: As Above, So Below (Spoiler Alert)

Horror film As Above, So Below documents a young archaeologist, Scarlet Marlowe […]

VIFF Film Review: White Bird in a Blizzard

  White Bird In A Blizzard is about a daughter […]

5 Tips for Surviving Summer Festivals

First-timers and veterans alike will all find get great tips here for getting the most out of that summer music festival experience.

Movie Review: Godzilla (warning: spoilers ahead!)

How does the new film stack up to (or squash) previous films in the Godzilla canon? (Can it really get any worse than Puffy and Matthew Broderick?)


Street Art: Explored; A Beautiful World Foundation; Pemberton Festival Preview; Vancouver Fashion Week as seen by men & women, and much more!

ON THE TURNTABLES: A beginner’s guide to vinyl

In anticipation of the upcoming Record Store Day on April 20, Cory Correia explains the best ways to pick your vinyl.

PRETTY IN PINK: Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival gears up for its 8th year

Spring is in the air, and Laura Shortt explains how you can get the most enjoyment out of one of Vancouver’s prettiest sights.

Von Trier’s Nymph()maniac: a study in being human

Lars Von Trier’s four-hour epic in two volumes is a sincere tale of love and loneliness.

WOMEN IN FILM: Vancouver film festival reflects a much-needed change in the industry

In response to Blanchett’s Oscar speech, Montana Cumming digs deeper into exactly what it’s like to be a woman in film today.

A brief history of drinking games

Writer Ria Renouf takes a look at the history of drinking games that may have begotten Neknomination.


Some people choose to go to Cancun to get rowdy, […]

BCIT FSA Annual Art Contest

This new annual art contest celebrates the artists secretly hiding inside your BCIT instructor

Valentine’s Day by the Numbers

What do cold, hard facts tell us about the most romantic holiday of the year?

Dickin’ Around

We caught the BCIT Student Association up to some antics […]

Ian Koenigsfest: Radio pirate turned local leader

Before he was Brand Manager at CKNW in Vancouver, Ian Koenigsfest played a part in South Africa’s pirate radio, helping to spread Mandela’s message.


Can Vancouver’s two-day EDM festival, CONTACT, rival with huge dance parties like the Electric Daisy Carnival and Shambhala?


  by MITCHELL SAYERS —- Iraq 1968 The Iraq sun set […]

Top 5 PuSH Festival 2014 Picks

The variety of options at this year’s PuSh Festival might seem a little overwhelming, so below is Link Magazine’s list of the top 5 shows to keep your eyes on.

Star Wars: A Nude Hope

Link magazine’s latest cover story—and accompanying buxom beauty—raised a lot of […]

UPDATED: Save the Hollywood

  In the final issue of Link magazine for 2013, Simon […]

Whoa, slow down buddy!

Spice up a regular ski by defying death. Watch Candide Thovex and […]

Nothing says Christmas like a mistletoe drone

Maybe upcoming holiday seasons will see more kisses delivered by […]

The Interview: Drunkorexia

This season, Senior Editor Sarah Gray divulged the perils of […]

5 Fabulous Holiday Hangouts on a Student Budget

While Vancouver offers an array of holiday displays, events, and […]

REVIEW: The Book Thief

Brian Percival’s big screen adaptation of Markus Zusak’s novel of […]

ONwards Fashion Show at VCAD

(photos courtesy VCAD and Neha Prehar) The models are primped, […]

The good kind of holiday drama

Holiday entertainment isn’t just about the  Hollywood blockbusters and Love Actually commandeering […]

Fashion tips on a student timeline

The heat of school deadlines is on full blast this […]

The Walton Casino — Part 1

“The Walton Casino” is a serial story told in parts. […]

Museum of Vancouver opens a retrospective on Daniel White

Museum of Vancouver’s hip, Vancouver-focused exhibits aim to create provocative […]

Grab a brew – even on a student budget

BC Craft Beer month is about recognizing just how far […]

Nail tips you can live by

As the semester carries on and work keeps piling up, […]

Spencer West embarks on a new journey for Free the Children

Spencer West sits himself on a chair four feet off […]

Festival is Vancouverites’ cup of tea

The first-ever Vancouver Tea Festival took place within the Olympic […]

A touch of art every day from the Burnaby Art Gallery

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of every […]

Vancouver Writers Fest provides a safe haven for record-breaking crowds

In the wake of their 25th anniversary, the Vancouver Writers […]

Watermark takes a novel perspective on Earth’s most precious resource

“We are water.” If there was a concise way to […]

A-booo!-t the town: Halloween’s top 5 events

Pumpkins, witches, black cats, and most importantly – candy. Yep, […]

The Link survives zombie apocalypse

When I first told my friends I was going to […]

Pumpkin beer picks of the season

Do you love warm seasonal spices but hate the cloying […]

“Antisocial” creates zombies out of social networking addicts

The horror film Antisocial is a twist on the classic […]

Surprising sounds from a rebel Disney princess

Miley Cyrus’ highly anticipated album Bangerz just dropped at number […]

That Burning Feeling: A romcom with a twist

When you think of a premise for a romantic comedy, […]

Fall fashion demands mix-and-match approach

Accepting that our extended summer has come to a halt—and […]

“Gravity” comes down to cinematic brilliance

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to […]

Essential autumn music

MGMT – MGMT Columbia MGMT are in their comfort zone […]

WORD Vancouver from A to Z

Literature lovers, comic connoisseurs, and other book buffs came out […]

Style preview: Spring 2014

Designers and style lovers from across the globe filled the […]

Sunday at the Commodore: Matt Nathanson Review

Matt Nathanson brought his pop-rock sound to the Commodore Ballroom […]

War Horse is a treat for Vancouver theatre-goers

War Horse is a rare theatrical experience for culture buffs, […]

The Link’s best TV distractions

Another school year is beginning at BCIT, and with the […]

The Link’s most anticipated films at the Vancouver International Film Festival – Trailers included!

Vancouver International Film Festival opens on September 26 and runs […]

Art of the Sailor leaves its mark on Vancouver

Latest Vancouver Maritime Museum exhibit explores the nautical origins of […]

Showtime is over for the Apollo Ghosts

Heroes of local indie scene hang up the skates Apollo […]

Local Events: April 25 – September 8

History of Vancouver  Sex Workers lectures  Museum of Vancouver April […]

Kid Cudi experiments with anger, igniting a whole new sound

Indicud is more of a passion project than something for […]

Cruising into Oblivion

Tom Cruise’s latest ode to extra-terrestrials thick on aesthetics but […]

Music industry finally on the rise after 14-year slump

Despite the transformation in how listeners get music, industry experiences […]

Local Events: April 13 – April 21

Terminal City Rollergirls season opener April 13 Minoru Arena, Richmond […]

Spring Breakers no Disney Girls Gone Wild

Harmony Korine’s new flick is a sunny trip to the […]

Tyler, the Creator keeps it odd with Wolf

Odd Future’s front man offends and entertains with new album […]

Local Events: March 27 to April 8

The Art of the Sailor March 14-October 13 Vancouver Maritime […]

Poetry slam a hit in Vancouver

The Vancouver Poetry Slam provides inspiration through expression The recent […]

Jean-Paul de Roover’s complex and simple one-man show

Live looping multi-instrumentalist tours Canada to promote the release of […]

Timberlake’s return defies the mainstream

More than just “Dick in a Box” B-sides It’s been […]

Shadows undergoes stylistic overhaul

BC’s “Best Teen Band” not just a shadow of their […]

Local comic redefines the class clown

English-teacher-turned- comedian discusses his jump from school to stage  It’s […]

Local Events: March 6 to March 19

Vancouver International Women in Film Festival March 7-10 Vancity Theatre […]

Atoms for Peace debut a work in progress

Amok shows supergroup’s potential  It’s here. Sometime in 2009, Thom […]

Co-MiX showcases best of Art Spiegelman

Largest retrospective of Spiegelman’s work opens at the Vancouver Art […]

Local Events: February 20 to March 5

Luminous Books Pop-Up Bookshop February 15-March 30 UNIT/PITT Projects Face […]

BCIT meets Hollywood at this month’s Oscars

Hollywood gets a slice of BCIT at this month’s Academy […]

My Bloody Valentine’s creative courage shines through

New album more than an exercise in nostalgia When it […]

The Link’s Oscar picks

A president, a dentist, super heroes, and Canadians The Oscars […]

Oscar shorts nominees highlight the world of animation

The Animated Short Film category displays great leaps of imagination […]

My trip to the Grammys (with complimentary underboob)

How I sidled up to the stars and saw Justin […]

Exploring Vancouver’s glow-in-the-dark past

How the rise and fall of Canada’s neon capital affects […]

Sexy Local Events: February 6, 2013

Ongoing until February 14 3rd Annual Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival […]

Oscars’ dark horse speaks French

Watch out, Spielberg. Michael Haneke’s Amour and its six Oscar […]

Zero Heart Thirty

While a technical masterpiece, Zero Dark Thirty fails to build […]

DOA’s final show the end of an era

Local hardcore punk legends D.O.A. play their final show in […]

PuSh festival

Only laziness can get in the way of attending the […]

Fate of Waldorf Hotel remains unclear

Condominium development threatens one of Vancouver’s cultural mainstays Vancouver’s arts, […]

Wallace celebrates 45 years

Canadian artist shares his sources of inspiration with the audience […]

Contact festival rocks BC Place

Deadmau5 headlines the biggest electronic dance music festival ever held […]

Local Events: January 9-13

January 5 – February 3 PuSh International Performing Arts Festival […]

Vancouver Noir tells the tale of crime and corruption and the city’s dark history

Two local writers explore the gritty lives of Vancouverites from […]

Top five albums you may have missed in 2012

Landmark Apollo Ghosts Apollo Ghosts have been kicking around Vancouver’s […]

Local Events: November 28-12

‘Tis the season, so the December calendar of events is […]

The Weeknd enters the mainstream with Trilogy

Canadian R&B singer The Weeknd mixes old and new for […]

That Rihanna reign just won’t let up

Rihanna sticks to her good-girl-gone-bad motif with Unapologetic Despite what you […]

The Link’s December movie preview

Cure the chills and ills of exams and the holiday […]

Indie publishing for passion, not profit

Canzine West allows vendors to showcase a tangible alternative to […]

To gimmick, or not to gimmick?

From Keith Moon’s exploding drum kit to Katy Perry’s fruit […]