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Concert Review: Greyson Chance’s ‘Good as Gold’

Photo by Sydney Wong

Born in West Texas, Greyson Chance got his start in the music industry 10 years ago. Some may remember him as the kid who went viral after he played his rendition of Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi,” for which he went on to appear on Ellen. Today, he’s known as the confident, electronic pop artist that uses his voice to share inspiring stories for young adults. 

When he played the intimate Fortune Sound Club, Chance became a new character as soon as he walked out on stage. He showed a strong stage presence and a falsetto that replicated his studio album to a par. Chance is one of those artists that are equal to better live.

He told stories that drew in the crowd with awe and inspiration. Chance introduced his song “Good as Gold” with a speech about encouraging people who feel purposeless.  What he wrote on piano during his first week of college turned into an uplifting and empowering song.

On stage, Chance brought the sass and the attitude, not caring what others thought. A pleasure to see live.

Chance also announced that he will release a new album this year, and will also be going on another tour this fall.