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Chipotle it On Me!

Okay. So it’s midterm season and you’re hungry. What do you do?

Food options on campus are lacking, and you’re hungering for something filling and delicious. Where do you go?

One simple solution: Chipotle.

Since it opened at Metrotown about a year ago, Chipotle Mexican Grill has been a go-to favourite for several BCIT students. Convenience is one factor as it’s located right next to the Metrotown skytrain station, but also because the food is deliciously filling.

If you’re a fan of Mexican food and are looking for something above the average fast-food joint, this is a place I highly recommend.



I understand that some students aren’t a fan of all the carbs – nor are they big on Mexican cuisine, but there are alternatives!

Let’s focus on the latter issue first.

You have a huge selection of filling that allows you to customize your burrito. From rice to beans, meats to greens, you can have your burrito jam-packed with as much as you desire. Whenever I place an order, it ends up looking like a brick and weighing a few pounds. That said, I always combine chicken and steak (trust me, it’s the way to go), and always, ALWAYS request guacamole. Even though it costs extra, it changes your entire meal for the better. Oh, and also say ‘yes’ to all the salsas they offer.

Chipotle Metrotown

Issue number two:

You don’t like carbs? Hate the pita? Fine. Order a salad bowl!

Also at our friendly neighbourhood Chipotle are salad bowls that give you all the toppings and options as a burrito, minus the wrap. So if you’d rather skip on the bread and just eat out of a bowl (which is still amazing), request a salad bowl! I’ve had one before and it’s almost as filling as the burrito.

An added tip for students who are time-crunched and want their order ready upon pick-up:
Use their app and pre-order. 

There’s usually a line-up (especially during the lunch service), so the best way to save yourself some studying time is by placing an order digitally before making your way up the hill.

For more information on food, nutritional facts, location, and hours, I encourage you to visit Chipotle.