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Chair of Specialized Transport Campuses: A New Executive Role & What it Means for Students

Airplane wing

Theo Robson is currently finishing his second year in the full-time BCIT Airport Operations program at the Aerospace Technology Campus. Having applied to begin his Bachelor’s in psychology at UBC next year, Theo aims to bring into that program his knowledge of the aviation field. 

Recently, Theo stepped into a new leadership position as part of the BCIT Student Association (BCITSA): Chair of Specialized Transport Campuses, representing the Aerospace Technology Campus, Annacis Island Campus, and BCIT Marine Campus. This is special since chairs typically represent schools within a campus, not an entire campus itself (let alone multiple ones). 

Theo will be working alongside other leaders on the Executive Board, his priority being to advocate for students, contributing to service and program development, weighing in on where to focus next as an organization, and, of course, representing the needs of the students at the specialized transport campuses. 

Although representing three campuses at once sounds like a lot, he won’t be alone in this: he’ll be recruiting Specialty Councillors for support, each representing one of these campuses—Ashley Obeck, for example, is the Specialty Councillor for the BCIT Marine Campus. Theo expects to be collaborating with them all on tasks surrounding budgets and programming. 

Theo’s other responsibilities include managing the set rep program and raising the concerns of the students he represents in frequent meetings including those held by the Executive Board and other key leaders of the BCITSA. Since you, as a BCIT student, are automatically a member of the BCITSA and pay fees supporting its operations, Theo encourages you to attend those meetings, held every second Monday at SE2 on the Burnaby campus. For more information on those, check the BCITSA website and connect with your representative. 

Theo also anticipates working on long-term projects with BCITSA staff and BCIT administrations. Among those are an exciting campus community garden that’s currently in development (completion date TBA) and student housing initiatives. 

Considering all this work ahead of him, you’d expect Theo to be overwhelmed. Yet he sees it as a fun experience. “BCIT is known for really working students to the bone,” he says, “which is great [because] it prepares everyone for the industry. And it makes us special compared to all the other institutions in Vancouver, but at the same time, there’s fun that needs to be had. Our motto of the [Student] Association is to enhance student life. And part of that is certainly having fun and enjoying the community of BCIT students that we’re very proud to be a part of.”

With this passion and drive, Theo is clearly on his way to accomplishing great work as a champion for students, ready to overcome the challenges that accompany his exciting role.