Celebrating Women Together

With wrinkled hands, my grandma would grasp my tiny fists as we crossed the street to my elementary school. Every morning she made sure to get me there on time. Even when dementia plagued at her, she could never forget those instances. Lying at her hospital bed, I watched her wrinkled hands bruise from needle insertions. She looked at me with glassy eyes and demanded for the five year old child she was so familiar with in her sane state. She would then grasp around for that tiny hand, so ready for the security of her’s. Despite the blurred vision of her mind, I couldn’t help but smile. Smile because her determination, even in her bedridden condition, never ceased. The breath ceased from her lungs, and the blood drained from her heart. But her strength. Her strength stays with me to this day, and it resonates with so many of the other women before and after her.

I am proud to say that as women, we are born to be strong. We are born to sacrifice and hold life. We are taught to nurture yet fight, from our grandmothers, mothers, aunts, sisters, friends. And right now, we are standing tall and proud as women with our own rights. Sexual rights. Education rights. Health rights. Rights that we know we deserve, even in the face of hostility.

Her strength stays with me to this day, and it resonates with so many of the other women before and after her.

With today marking International Women’s Day, I encourage each of you to think of all the women in your lives who impacted, inspired, and enlightened you. Thank them. Because their very presence will only continue to push you forward in your dreams and aspirations. With Link Magazine, we want to take this time to honor the women who have made our issues the best yet! We want to thank each and everyone of these women by once again highlighting them and their major accomplishments.

Selenna loves creating change through written media platforms, and is thoroughly enjoying her experience with Link Magazine. She has also worked for the publishing organizations PRISM Magazine, Surrey Women's Centre, Her Campus, Sojourners, and McCreary. Selenna has been published for her creative, academic, and journalistic writing. Selenna can be found travelling, doing ballet or yoga, and watching "Daria."