A chocolate treat on a cutting board

Čupavci Recipe (Australian Lamingtons)

Čupavci, also known as Australian Lamingtons, is a biscuit dipped in chocolate sauce and covered with coconut. It’s called čupavci (which translates to “messy” or “furry”) because of the coconut flakes. This dessert can often be found in the Balkan regions, and it’s one of the many desserts that my mom would make every Christmas…

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Review: Ye.

Stephanie BohnStephanie grew up in a small town and has enjoyed adjusting to life in Vancouver. She like to keep an open mind and learn about other people’s lives. When Stephanie is procrastinating from her studying she can be found falling at ice rinks or attempting to ride tandem bicycles at Stanley Park. www.bcitsa.ca

Moraine Lake, AB

Hello, Nature!

I’m not a hiker. You can probably guess that when you see the picture of me in Stan Smiths. (Those aren’t the only shoes I’ve hiked with—I’ve also used my Continental 80s!) Despite that, I’ve went on an impressive total of four hikes in the span of a year, three of which were during this…

Sleeping on a pillow

Good Sleep

With midterms approaching, it’s important that you’re getting enough sleep. When a proper sleeping pattern is maintained, there are many positive outcomes, such as an increase in productivity, or an improvement in learning and memory. When sleep isn’t maintained, focus and attention can drift, causing it to be harder to receive information.1  Short-term health consequences…

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Ideal Identity

Social media is no stranger in our daily routine. The average person spends seven hours online each day, and around two-and-a-half hours of that using social media. You probably checked it prior to reading this and will again after. That’s not said to be critical; our frequent use of social media is understandable. After all,…

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Zoom Fatigue

“The distractions of not being in the classroom have caused the primary thing, a person’s education, to become almost a background topic.” In March 2020, Zoom Video Communications’ stock was around $100USD. As of September 10, 2021, this number stands at $301.50USD. It is not a shock to see the exponential rise of Zoom, especially…