Bunny Ghatrora of Ellebox + Exclusive Discount for BCIT Students!

Bunny Ghatrora, accounting student and co-founder of Ellebox, invited us into her swanky workspace at the shared Hootsuite office in Mount Pleasant.

So what is Ellebox?

ElleBox is a monthly delivery of organic pads and tampons. Each month, subscribers receive a curated package of feminine hygiene products along with tea, chocolate and self-care products such as face masks and candles.

We discussed the challenges of creating a product and service that some people may find uncomfortable confronting.

The biggest challenge in creating ElleBox is the stigma associated with periods. Periods are a taboo subject that almost nobody ever wants to talk about. This makes creating a conversation around ElleBox on social media and in person pretty difficult.

Plus, a few words of wisdom for young aspiring entrepreneurs out there:

There couldn’t be a better time than right now for women to start a movement, whatever it might be. Women are making headlines and getting recognized in the business world now more than ever, and studies show that companies with women co-founders are often more successful and profitable than those without.

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