Bringing Light to Amenities for BCIT Students

BCIT has affordable supports for every day life
BCIT has affordable supports for every day life

Have you tried all student resources offered at BCIT? I bet you will find at least one resource which you were not aware of. Each year, thousands of dollars are spent on amenities to ensure a better campus experience for BCIT students. Make sure you don’t let these opportunities go to waste before you graduate from BCIT.

Staying Healthy Isn’t as Expensive as You Would Think:

The pandemic has taught all of us the importance of good health, but it can be difficult to know what your fitness goals should be. Hiring a nutritionist to help is usually a little pricey, but why not book a free appointment with BCITSA’s Nutrition Counsellors? They make amazing recommendations and they have resumed their services this September. Visit to book your appointment or get added to the waitlist!




Blow Away the Cobwebs with BCIT’s Recreation Services:

Are pending assignments, quizzes, and exams making you feel overwhelmed? BCIT’s intense course load can be challenging, but BCIT’s Recreation Services (rec services) is here to help you take a break and use exercise to release stress. As a BCIT student, your tuition fees give you access to the gym and a variety of sport and exercise options.


You Don’t Have to Struggle in Silence:

Mental health is easy to neglect with a heavy work schedule. Don’t ignore your emotions though; there are resources on campus if you are struggling. BCIT’s Counselling and Student Development Services are free and confidential for all BCIT students. They will offer you strategies and resources to help reduce your stress levels and be the best student you can. 

They are currently offering remote services over video and audio conferences, and have announced in-person appointments will be available this September. They are completely recording-free unless consent is provided. Give them a call at least 24 hours in advance to book an appointment at 604-432-8608.


Knowledge is Free in the BCIT Library:

Having a hard time finding ideas? Spend some time boosting your knowledge in the library! Books were one of the best sources of knowledge and entertainment before the internet arrived, and BCIT’s library gives you access to free research databases. Also, the “Chat with A Librarian” service is super handy! I used it to understand which services were in trend in the Canadian market. You can get information related to consumer behaviour, business trends, case studies, company profiles, industry reports, and much more. The research databases are only available for current BCIT students, and can be accessed online at


Grow Your Career with the BCITSA Career Services:

Are you not sure how to nail your interview? Building your resume and writing cover letters can be a challenge. The team at BCITSA’s Career Services organizes many different career related workshops throughout the year to help you find your dream job. I had a really good experience at the Career Fair talking to employers from Amazon and Microsoft. You can also get in touch with career specialists and get one-on-one support. Don’t forget to check out Career Track to make sure you don’t miss any opportunities; you will see the latest job openings, and you can build a great profile to get noticed by employers. You can always reach out to Career Services at or give them a phone call at 604-451-7087.


Stay as Fit as a Fiddle with BCITSA’S Extended Health and Dental Plan:

A clean bill of health is something that we all wish for. If you are a full-time student and your program is longer than 16 weeks, then you are eligible to register for the myBenefits plan card which can easily be requested by visiting You must be registered in the BC Fair PharmaCare plan to be eligible. Students who are new to the plan have a validation period of 45-60 days after their first day of classes; this means you can’t directly bill to insurance, you need to keep all of your receipts and submit them later. 

This plan provides coverage for vision, dental, registered clinical counselling, physiotherapy, and many other health related services. You can visit for more details. Part-time students are unfortunately not covered under the Extended Health and Dental Plan, though they can purchase coverage through other extended insurance plans like Canada Life or Manulife, and get prescription coverage through BC Fair PharmaCare. Do you already have an existing benefits plan? Have a partner and/or children you’d like to add to your plan? Have you previously opted out and want to opt back in? Eligible students have within the first 30 days starting from your official first day of classes to complete the opt-out, family add-on, and opt-in forms. Don’t be late! 


Save Some Money for a Rainy Day with the Student Intiative Fund (SIF) Offered by the BCITSA:

Are you someone who loves updating your professional skills? It’s a great way to grow! SIF reimburses up to 75% of the costs for attending conferences, webinars, and training courses, limited to $500 per academic year. They can also cover expenses for digital training such as LinkedIn Premium, Udemy and Skillshare courses, webinars, and more. Visit their website at for more details and to apply. 


Improve Your Writing with The Writing Centre:

Do you find writing assignments challenging? The Writing Centre offers WriteAway, a service which will give you informative feedback on your writing. Make sure to submit your assignments beforehand as it takes up to 48 hours for them to respond.


Have a Voice of Your Own with the BCITSA Advocates:

Are you feeling stressed over a grade? Perhaps there is conflict between you and your instructor? Advocates will keep your information confidential and give you honest advice about BCIT policies and what steps you can take. Email to speak to an advocate.                   


A Council to Solve Your Problems: 

BCITSA’s Student Council is a team of twelve members elected each year by BCIT students. The Set Rep Program enables students to discuss their concerns with a representative of the council who will then report your issues to the council so they can find a solution. If you don’t want to discuss things with the set rep, you can always talk directly with the members of the council.

I hope these ideas will allow you to explore and enjoy your journey as a BCIT student. You can also reach out to these faculties via email if you have questions or suggestions. It is always helpful to be aware of student resources; you never know when you will need to use them.