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Booze ‘N’ Schmooze: Review

Filming Woman

What: BOOZE ‘N’ SCHMOOZE – An Independent Filmmakers Meetup
When: Every last Tuesday of the month
Where: The Blarney Stone (Gastown)
How Much: $10.00 for non-members

If you’re aiming to work in the film industry, networking is an essential step to land a gig.

The industry can seem small and closed, and even if you’re great at what you do, sometimes it’s more about who you know. It’s a challenge to figure out how to break into the industry, especially if you’ve never worked outside of college productions.

Luckily in Vancouver, there’s a monthly networking meetup for independent filmmakers called Booze ‘N’ Schmooze, planned by the same organization behind the Raindance Film Festival. Raindance promotes and fosters independent films around the world, offers training courses, presents showcases, and facilitates meetups.

For $10, you can head to the Blarney Stone in Gastown on the last Tuesday of the month. You’ll find a chill and welcoming atmosphere where you can listen to guest speakers or watch a featured work from Raindance.

The best part, in my opinion, is the open mic in the beginning. Anyone can come up on stage and open themselves up for projects and collaborations. After the formalities are out of the way, people go around the room to talk, celebrating the art of independent filmmaking. Definitely an event worth the visit.