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BCITV: “The Pretenders”

In a little known tradition (okay, assignment), first-year Broadcast Journalism students write, shoot, and edit a 10-minute short film. With a budget of $0, a camera and a dream, teams compete for the coveted ‘Jello Award’ for best film. The results range from amazing to awkward to absurd. Link magazine is pleased to present this year’s crop. Be sure to tune in everyday for another new feature. Go ahead, vote for your favourite by posting a comment on our Facebook wall


The Pretenders
Starring: Roshini Nair, Julia Foy, Taran Parmar, Samantha Pinter-Thompson, Safeeya Pirani
Alexia Molina, Mat Paget, Bill Amos, Ron Correll
Running time: 14 minutes, 46 seconds