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BCIT student wins free Euro Trip

At BCIT, time is money, and one lucky student just turned 30 seconds into $7,000. While you were pretending to be on your phone and avoiding eye contact with that company rep standing at that table near the cafeteria, 2nd year Marketing Management Communications student Daniel McRobert stopped to talk to two people from Contiki Holidays and won himself a Free Trip for Two around Europe.

With the stroke of a pencil and the drop of a ballot, McRobert beat out 5000 other students across 25 schools in Canada, for a 10-day, 8-country, all-expenses paid trip to Europe.

“When I first received the email that I won, I thought it was spam mail,” jokes McRobert. “Then I realized it was real and couldn’t believe it.” We asked the lucky student who he’ll be taking with him and he told us it would be his childhood best friend, proving once again that it pays to put in those friend hours.

I don’t know about you, but with the semester coming to an end, a little travel sounds good to us right about now. “I never thought anyone actually won these types of contests/sweepstakes,” Daniel said. “It’ll be a nice grad present after my two years at BCIT.”

We heard Contiki is still offering $100 off of trips for all BCIT students using promo code: PPCBCIT. Check out this and other deals available to BCIT students here, and maybe think twice the next time someone asks you: “Got a second?”