BCIT JDC West: A lifechanging opportunity to brush up on your business skills

This article is sponsored by the JDC West Club. 

BCIT JDC West is a more than just a business club, we are a team that nurtures all our members to become elite critical thinkers and enhanced professionals. Every year our club puts together a team of around 50 delegates who compete in the largest undergraduate business competition in Western Canada. We go up against schools like UBC and University of Alberta and hold our ground. Since 2016, we are the only polytechnic institution competing in the annual competition. However, our maverick nature has not been a weakness for us but rather a strength as we have managed to bring home seven awards in our five years of competition and place second in the 2021 operations management discipline.

Full-time and part-time business students are welcome to join. If you are someone intrigued by business and want to apply in-class skills to a simulated real-world environment, please reach out and express your interest.

If you are interested in hearing more, please contact bcit@jdcwest.com. The competition spans across twelve disciplines and we’d love for you to be a part either:

  • Accounting
  • Business strategy
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • Human resource management
  • International business
  • Business technology management
  • Marketing
  • Not-for-profit
  • Taxation
  • Operations management
  • Debate
  • Athletics
  • Social


 If you’re still not convinced check out some previous testimonials from former BCIT delegates.


If someone ever told me two years ago that I had the incredible ability to create innovative products or services strictly from my imagination and pitch it as if I was on Shark Tank, all within three hours, I would tell them that that person could not possibly be me. It turns out that it was the contrary because I met amazing people and coaches who helped me get exactly there. JDC West has no limits for personal growth and leadership. When I look back on my journey as an entrepreneurship delegate for eight months, there was not one part of it that I ended up regretting. I overcame my fear of public speaking and gained invaluable leadership skills. Presentations, job interviews, and networking have never been easier and as a result, I landed an internship with OMD Canada. JDC West is a place that allowed me to carve my own path. –Karmina Cordero

Going into competition and even at the start of the weekend, we made a lot of jokes saying that we felt as though we were the ‘anti-social’ social team. In many ways, we didn’t fit in, but being amidst the competition all our preconceived notions about our own insecurities and anti-social tendencies went out the window. Somehow, we were forcefully and yet naturally required to learn to be open. We danced in front of crowds, we cat walked together, we acted like complete fools, and got up close and personal with one another. JDC allowed us grow out of our shells. –Melanie Nguyen-Don and  Frida Puac

Becoming an academic delegate introduced me to a vast network of people that were all connected by JDC West. At the time, it was hard to comprehend just how well-known JDC West was, its reputation, and the size of the network involved. As I got more involved, I rediscovered a familiar excitement of connecting with fellow students and competitors that I otherwise would never have had the chance to meet. Ultimately, the relationships I developed through JDC West became a key factor in landing my position at EY – one of the Big 4 accounting firms, laying the foundation for my professional career. My involvement as an academic delegate provided me, and continues to be an amazing opportunity to grow, both academically and personally. –Lucas Ishikawa


We hope to hear from you soon!