BC Government ratifies a 5-year U-Pass agreement for students

The government of BC has signed the U-pass agreement that will continue to give Metro-Vancouver post-secondary students access to affordable transit for the next five years.

“The advocacy of student leaders plays a crucial role in the creation of programs such as the U-Pass and we are so proud of our community for the effort they put into this,” says Gurvir Gill, the chairperson of the Alliance of BC Students (ABCS).

The Alliance represents the voices of over 80 0000 post-secondary students in BC and the signing of this agreement gives them all access to an affordable method of transportation. Ensuring that students have access to transit is key in addressing the traffic issues in Metro-Vancouver.

“Students in the Metro Vancouver are already battling housing affordability, and over 20% of students in BC access public financial aid. Affordable access to transit is essential for student wellbeing, and we are so happy to see this investment from the government today,” adds the Director of Research and Campaigns for the Alliance, Grace Dupasquier.

The government’s announcement will see $86.1 million invested, over these next five years, to give students affordable access to transit, while allowing action to reduce carbon emissions worldwide to set into place.