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Ashley Moliere

(1st-Year Broadcast and Online Journalism)
Instagram: @ashmo__photos
Twitter: ashleymBCIT

Why do you love photography? 
Because it allows me to be creative and artistic. On both sides of my family I have very artistic relatives, whether it’s traditional art (i.e. painting or sketching) or music. So this is the way I like to express myself through art. I love how I can express mood through colours, patterns and textures. Photography also allows me to capture a special moments in time and treasure them.

What got you into taking photos?
I would say initially my love of travel. When I’m on vacation, I take hundreds of photos, mostly of the landscape or wildlife. Then, during the Fall semester, I took a Photojournalism class and really learned how to use all of the settings on my camera properly! That’s when I decided to start my photography account on Instagram, separate from my regular account, to really express myself and pursue my passion.

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