Art Feature: Vincent Lin

At his core, Vincent Lin is just a shy little guy that likes to draw. He especially loves drawing people. The bulk of his inspiration comes from going for walks around the city to observe the mannerisms and habits of everyday people. He grew up with a healthy diet of classic cartoons that left a lasting impression on him, including Cow and Chicken, Johnny Bravo, and Bugs Bunny. These were some of his earliest influences, where he often applies their finite lines and bright colours in his illustrations.

Watching so much TV as a kid led to a lifetime of compulsive doodling and drawing lots of crazy characters in the margins of his schoolwork. As time went on, he began to appreciate the work of master illustrators such as Aubrey Beardsley, Hokusai, and Alphonse Mucha. He used to borrow book after book from the library to help bring more sophistication into his work.

Vincent inks all of his drawings by hand before scanning them into photoshop and adding colours and textures. Although working this way is much more time consuming, Vincent believes that this adds more organic warmth to the characters, which you wouldn’t necessarily get if the entire piece was done digitally. Hand-drawing his pieces first also brings Vincent back to his doodling childhood; he enjoys the calm state of mind that working this way brings. He hopes to do more illustration work in the future and hopes he never runs out of ideas.

Follow him on Instagram @vincentlins.