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Apple is killing it with these videos

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Apple’s YouTube account is becoming increasingly active and they are killing it. From serious to funny, Apple is covering it all. Apple is pulling on heartstrings, but they are also building their brand, building a connection with their consumers, and utilizing YouTube as an avenue to enforce marketing messages.

Not only is Apple using YouTube right now, but is also creating commercials including the latest with Taylor Swift.

Dillan’s Voice

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 2.31.45 PM

Apple created two short films titled Dillan’s Voice and Dillan’s Path. These films are centred around a 16 year old autistic male who is non-verbal. The films explain his struggle to find a voice when he has things to say and an opinion to share. He experiences judgement when people assume that because he can’t speak, he doesn’t have an opinion. After discovering Apple’s iPad provided an avenue for communication for Dillan, he was able to share his voice. Dillan’s mother also expressed her gratitude in the video where she said that being able to hearing Dillan’s voice is incredible.

These inspiring films were a great way for Apple to share a story; Apple’s products are useful to everyone and enhance the way we communicate.  Watch Dillan’s Voice on YouTube.

iPhone 6s – Timer

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 2.31.02 PM

The Cookie Monster is alive and well in Apple’s iPhone 6s – Timer video. In this video, the Cookie Monster is baking cookies and uses an iPhone to set the timer for his cookies. He also uses the iPhone to play a “waiting” playlist while he waits for the cookies to finish. The Cookie Monster has a hard time waiting for his cookies to finish and when he asks Siri to show the timer, it shows that only one minute has passed.

This video shows the use of Apple’s Siri voice commands. With this video, Apple also takes away the complexity of hands free devices and shows how easy it is to execute. Apple’s marketing message of this video? Using an iPhone hands free is as simple as saying “Hey Siri”. Anyone can do it. Watch the iPhone 6s – Timer video on YouTube.



Apple’s latest commercial for Apple Music starred the famous singer/songwriter, Taylor Swift. In the video, Taylor is running on a treadmill and is browsing through Apple Music to find a good playlist to run to. She selects #GYMFLOW with Drake’s Jumpman. When the song starts, she gets so into rapping along to the song that she falls off the treadmill.

Apple’s message: Apple Music is so good that it A) Taylor Swift endorsed and B) will make you loose yourself in the music. Watch the TAYLOR vs. TREADMILL video on YouTube.

These videos all have different marketing messages, different tones, and are all working together to build Apple’s brand. These videos also support Apple’s overall marketing message: Apple creates innovative, easy to use products for everyone.