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Apple Pay comes to The Rix at BCIT

Just over a year ago, Apple released a mobile payment system in Canada called Apple Pay. Although Apple Pay is much more common in the US, it has a growing presence in Canada. Apple has a handful of businesses that support this payment system, and is slowly expanding its clientele in Canada.


Who can use it?

The Apple Pay system offers a fast and convenient way to pay and is compatible with iPhone 6, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro, iPad Mini 3, or later versions of these products. Consumers can also use Apple Pay with their Apple Watch – Apple geeks rejoice! Currently, the only card that connects with Apply Pay in Canada is American Express.


How does it work?

The Apple Pay process is done through point-of-sale terminals using Near Field Communication (NFC). After connecting an American Express card to the Apple Pay system, users pay at Apple Pay stations using Touch ID. The Apple Pay user touches their finger to their phone or tablet and the payment is authenticated through the user’s fingerprint, which provides a safe and secure payment method. Apple Pay users hold their phones near the payment terminal and holds their finger to the Touch ID sensor on their phone. Using NFC technology, the payment is then complete. This is an experience that is closely related to tapping a credit card to a payment terminal, but the Touch ID sensor provides an added level of security.




Where does it work?

Apple Pay is currently used in many stores across Canada, including Indigo, McDonald’s, Staples, Tim Horton’s, London Drugs. Another notable company that uses Apple pay is On-The-Go, which is a name that many students are familiar with (On-The-Go is a subsidiary of Chartwells – the campus food provider).


Also, Apple Pay was recently implemented in the Rix at BCIT! Now, BCIT students can pay for their coffee and muffin from the Rix using Apple’s payment system. Hopefully this will equate to increased efficiency, shorter lineups, happier customers, and a increased bottom line for the Rix.


People can also use the Apple Pay system at any location that has the Apple Pay symbols. Apple is also expecting Aldo, Dominos, Etsy, Zara, and ticketmaster to implement the system.




Have you used the Apple Pay system at the Rix yet? Do you see a future in Canada for this system? Because Apple is now installing NFC technology in its iPhones, what is the future for Android on this front?