“Antisocial” creates zombies out of social networking addicts

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Antisocial examines the social media obsessed and throws in a few zombies for good measure. Photo from Facebook.

The horror film Antisocial is a twist on the classic zombie apocalypse movie. It was featured at the Vancouver International Film Festival in early October.

The film follows five college students who are forced to barricade themselves in their apartment on due to an apocalyptic outbreak.

The movie’s protagonist, Sam, ventures out to celebrate New Year’s Eve with her friends to get over a recent break-up. However, plans for the night quickly change as a strange yet deadly virus spreads around the world.

Students soon find out that the virus has spread thanks to the popular social networking site, The Social Red Room.

Each scene in the film caused mixed reactions from the audience; some were horrified while others visibly stifled the urge to laugh at the unrealistic gore.

And in the end, the plot line was a familiar refrain for today’s cyber-obsessed. While learning a lesson about the perils of social media, everyone roots for Sam to survive.

It is not difficult to guess the source of inspiration for Antisocial. With the Internet and social media sites consuming hours of the students’ daily lives, it is safe to say that some people are so wrapped up with technology that they do resemble mindless zombies.

Overall, Antisocial was certainly an entertaining movie. Was it an intellectual, mind-blowing experience? No. But it is a classic horror movie. The audiences expected to see the genre-appropriate gore, zombies, and bad judgment from college students – and that is exactly what they get.