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An open letter to Christy Clark

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BCIT Student Association confronts premier about provincial funding for BCIT

Dear Premier Clark,

Every year, more than 45,000 people attend BCIT in order to prepare themselves to enter the work force. Currently, those same BCIT students face the possibility of their education and careers being delayed. As elected representatives of the BCIT Student Association, we urge you to help prevent further loss of students’ time and money by negotiating with the two unions that help provide a valuable education to the students of BCIT.

We feel it is important to voice our concerns for both the students of today and those who may choose BCIT in the future. Today’s students have already paid for their education with money, time, and effort. These students cannot afford to have their investment in a valuable and practical education delayed due to an unwillingness to communicate. The students at BCIT already operate within an extremely tight schedule, leaving little time for interruption. We depend on the prompt resolution of both the province and the two unions currently in conflict.

BCIT’s students of tomorrow face a significantly different issue and, although we do not currently represent them, we feel it is important to consider how their potential education may be impacted. Without provincial support the quality of education that BCIT has always be known to provide will undoubtedly decline. Potential students will unfortunately bear the brunt of the declining educational quality and may be ill-prepared to enter the workforce upon graduation. We sincerely hope that both the unions and the province will come to a swift agreement that will strengthen the Institute.

We know that you are a strong supporter of the BC Jobs Plan. As British Columbia’s premier polytechnic institution, BCIT is essential to the province’s success. If you believe in the development and training of BC’s workers, please demonstrate your support by investing in BCIT, giving it the resources it needs to support the future of our great people and province.


BCIT Student Association[hr]

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