Band: Arcade Fire

Album: Everything Now

Release Date: July 28, 2017

Genre: Dance Rock

Rating: 8.5/10

Arcade Fire is becoming timelessly good, like U2 or Radiohead or Beck (I know music is totally subjective, but these are actual stats from a Spotify music study you can check out here). When Arcade Fire released their latest album “Everything Now” on July 28th this summer, I wasn’t surprised and I wasn’t disappointed. It was Arcade Fire. Somehow, album after album, they reinvent themselves a little bit, but still stay true to who they are and their sound. I found in “Everything Now” there is a new electronic-disco element that appears throughout the album, specifically in tracks like “Signs of Life” and “Electric Blue”. 

The album overall has a cleaner, more commercial sound compared to their older albums like “Funeral” or “Neon Bible”, which had more experimental, raw, emotional, and at times punk vibe to them. Overall, I’m giving “Everything Now” a 8.5/10. This album is not from some small band from Montreal anymore. But, it is perfect for driving with your windows down and cranking at top volume.

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