A UV Light Halloween-Themed Art Exhibit is Coming to Vancouver

Ghosts of the Lower Mainland, a Halloween-themed Exhibition of Faux Fauvist Art, comes to Studio 13 Fine Art on Granville Island. Each painting contains hidden images which becomes visible only when exposed to UV light. Attendees will be provided special flashlights to reveal the secret pictures—designed to inform the viewer about the social, historical, or environmental context of the original composition.

A new series of art cards will be launched at the exhibition, including Byer’s Monster Box—an all-original collection of hand-painted monsters and packaging.

Over 40 original artworks will be available for purchase. An Artist’s Reception will be held from 5-9 pm on Saturday, Oct 26. Free gift bags will be available at the Reception.

When: Oct 25-28
Where: 1315 Railspur Alley, Granville Island, Vancouver, BC, V6H 4G9
Hours: 10:30 am to 5:30 pm
Tickets: Free