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A brighter Rio

After successfully raising over $16,000 dollars, the Rio Theatre lit up its iconic neon sign Thursday night.

Thanks to the help of 342 funders, the theatre was able to bring their sign back to life in front of a happy crowd that waited anxiously for the unveil.RIO 3

Rio Theatre owner Corinne Lea couldn’t be happier, “the fact that everybody actually cared about getting this sign up, it benefits the theatre so much in so many ways, and I can’t even tell you how grateful I am,” she told everyone at the unveiling.

The Indiegogo campaign surpassed their $15,000 dollar three days before the 30-day fundraising deadline was over.

“It’s really overwhelming to know what can get done and what can be accomplished by everybody contributing,” added Lea.

The money was used to clean and restore the sign as well as placing new LED lights. The surplus money will be used to upgrade other features inside the 77-year-old theatre.