$78.3M BCIT Health Sciences Centre coming 2020

Nursing students in BC got some encouraging news today in the form of a $66.6-million investment by the province of British Columbia into BCIT’s Health Sciences department. This new funding, in addition to funding from BCIT, will be used to construct a new $78.3-million Health Sciences Centre of Advanced Simulation (HSCAS), which the institution expects to be open by 2020.

At 100,000+ sqft, the proposed HSCAS will be one of the largest centres for health simulation training in Canada, and will provide hands-on support for nearly 2,000 students. This new centre aims to replicate a variety of hospital and laboratory settings, bringing BCIT students up to speed with the latest innovations in medical technology. New simulation environments will enable students to practice real-world scenarios in a safe and controlled environment.



“One of the greatest assets BCIT offers students is an experience that enables us to be ready for any situation our work environments will throw our way,” says Kayla DiBauda, BCITSA Chair of the School of Health Sciences. “This new building will allow us to be job-ready graduates, as the Health Sciences continue to incorporate new practices and technologies.”

BCIT accounts for the largest number of nursing graduates annually in BC, in addition to graduates across the Diagnostic Technologies, Specialty Nursing, Medical Laboratory Technology, Medical Radiography, and Biomedical Engineering fields. This new investment means better employment prospects for BCIT students, but also better care for patients across BC.

(photos by Maddy Adams)