6 Innovations in the food industry

The food industry is constantly evolving, because new technologies and therefore new foods are always being invented. What food we enjoy today our ancestors may or may not have liked, but food has always been important to us. Each day we spend approximately an hour eating. In this article you’ll find interesting innovations from across the world. Grab a snack; these innovations might make you hungry!

Nitrogen Ice Cream
Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream in Utah uses liquid nitrogen, which is capable of freezing things almost instantaneously, to make ice cream. Customers choose from an array of flavours and toppings that are combined with cream and frozen with liquid nitrogen to make a delicious customized dessert.

Ruby Chocolate
Alongside the usual dark, milk, and white chocolate is pink chocolate, also known as ruby chocolate. Created by chocolatier Callebaut, it is created without any dyes or additives. The process involves a change in the fermentation, and the addition of citric acid (though the chocolatiers carefully guard their exact process). According to an interview with Dr. Angus Kennedy, editor of Kennedy’s Confection, this chocolate tastes like a mixture of raspberries and white chocolate.

A Vegetarian Burger… That Bleeds?
Some people love a juicy burger! In meat burgers this comes from the blood and fat of the animal, but that doesn’t work for vegetarian burgers. The people behind Impossible Burger managed to create a plant-based burger that actually bleeds, thanks to the addition of beet juice!

Activated Charcoal Ice Cream
Some people believe activated charcoal is detoxifying. That’s why one innovator created charcoal-based ice cream, which gives the taste and texture of ice cream, while also claiming to remove toxins from the body. While a delicious treat, some
studies have found activated charcoal can reduce our body’s ability to absorb medications and nutrients. Enjoy responsibly!

Apples that Don’t turn Brown
An apple, once cut open, will develop a reddish-brown color from the oxidization of the iron that naturally occurs in the apple. Arctic Apples, located in Summerland, BC, creates genetically modified apples that stay their original color after slicing! They also claim to be the world’s best-tasting apples.

Pizza from Leftovers
Food waste is a growing problem. Re Pizza is a Shanghai based company that partners with hundreds of restaurants around the city to collect their unused ingredients that would otherwise go to waste then uses them as creative pizza toppings. For this reason, every pizza is unique.