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5 Fetishes You May Know, 5 You May Not

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What is a fetish?


A fetish is a fixation on something necessary to a person’s sexual gratification. Fetishes are usually about something that’s not inherently sexual, such as shoes or fingernails. Fetishes sometimes overlap with Kinks, but the two are not the same. Kinks are used to refer to alternatives to the standard vanilla sex. A kink might include something like BDSM or role-play.


Different people like different things in the bedroom. Some are common, and some are a little confusing. This fun list will show you five common fetishes and five fetishes you might never have heard before now.

Common: Feet

If you’ve ever seen a Quentin Tarantino movie, then you know all about this one.


Aside from the genitals and breasts, the feet are the most fetishized part of the body. Some people are also turned on by footwear accessories like socks, shoes, or nail polish. Some enjoy the idea of feet because it goes along with the concept of lowering yourself before your partner. Many people who engage in this fetish also enjoy the idea of erotic submission.


Feet are also very sensitive, with around 200,000 nerve endings in the sole of each foot. So, it feels good to receive stimulation in that area. Who doesn’t love a good foot massage? The sensory map of the brain also has the genitals and the feet right next to each other. Which would explain the intense stimulations some people get from play related to feet.


Uncommon: Quicksand

Some people are turned on by quicksand. Yeah, let that sink in.


There are countless films and TV shows that feature someone being trapped in quicksand. For most, the scenes can be anxiety-inducing, but for some, the idea of watching someone struggle and sink into the muddy abyss is very arousing.


I’ll admit, this isn’t one I fully understand, nor have I been able to find much information on it. Some internet searches pointed me to a few Quicksand enthusiasts’ sites, where the forums are alive and well. The folks over at have made it a point to document as much media featuring quicksand as possible. One user named “Crypto” uploaded a list called “The Ultimate Guide to Quicksand Movie and TV Scenes.” The list features hundreds and hundreds of entries and took over ten years to make.

Common: Impact Play

Impact Play is a real HIT in some bedrooms.


This fetish can involve spanking, flogging, striking, or any form of consensual hitting. Some people use their bare hands, while others might use an object like a paddle or a whip.


People who engage in this play usually tend to strike the meatier parts of the body to avoid injuring their partner, have a safe word in case things get too far, and discuss ahead of time the intensity the person enjoys.


Uncommon: Katoptronophilia

Katoptronophilia is the act of getting aroused by one’s reflection. People with this fetish enjoy having sex in front of the mirror. If you find yourself reaching for your compact mirror when things are getting hot and heavy… well, now you may know why.

 2Ropes, handcuffs, and lace, oh my!  Bondage isn’t uncommon, and many couples find themselves turning to this when they want to try something new.


There are many reasons that people may enjoy this activity. The person doing the tying (usually seen as the dominant one) might enjoy the feeling of control it gives them over their partner, while the person being tied (traditionally seen as the passive one) may enjoy giving up some sense of control.


Safety is always essential when engaging in this sort of play. Precautions to take include ensuring that circulation isn’t cut off, that a safeword is established, and that the bound can be released quickly in case of an emergency.



Uncommon: Psellismophilia

Psellismophilia is when a person becomes aroused by the sound of someone stuttering. People with this fetish may look for a partner with a natural stutter or may just ask their partner to pretend for them. We’re not quite sure how this one comes about. 



Common: Lingerie

While it’s not uncommon for someone to get turned on by sexy underwear, some people need lingerie to be involved for them to get off. Lingerie can overlap with other fetishes: for example, someone with a foot fetish might enjoy some nice stockings.


Uncommon: Agalmatophilia

You ever see someone at a museum staring at a statue just a little too long? Agalmatophilia is the attraction to a statue, doll, mannequin, or other similar objects.


People with this fetish might fantasize about having a sexual (or non-sexual) encounter with an object by watching two of the objects interact or by becoming the object they are fixating on.


Common: Piercings

Piercings are usually seen as a way to express yourself, so it’s no surprise that they can come into a person’s sex life.


Some might find that they are sexually attracted to another’s piercings (IE maybe you find a nose ring sexy), or they may find that playing with piercings comes into the bedroom.


Genital piercings, such as the Prince Albert, are nothing new. Piercing the area is said to make it more sensitive, and some people may find themselves aroused have their piercings tugged at or toyed with.


Uncommon: Women Unable to Start Cars

Yes, this is a thing.


For some reason, there are people out there who really like to watch girls have car trouble.


One channel that caters to the specific fetish is carcrankingtv on YouTube. The channel features over 100 videos of women trying to start their cars, only to be met with the sound of cranking and sputtering. Comments on the videos range from gushing about how attractive the women are, to asking about what model the car is.


Everyone has something that gets them

going. Some are common and others… not so much. As long as everyone taking part is having fun and being safe, have at it!