Do You Want UYU?

The more I stress about school, club events, and everything else in life, the more I find the need to seek out the next best ice cream joint in town. I’m not completely certain of this, but I assume several students are also in the same boat as I.

If you haven’t heard of UYU Ice Cream yet – the little ice cream shop at the edge of Gastown, you’re in for a bit of a treat.

Unlike most ice cream places in town where you have your selection of gelato and sorbet, UYU only specializes in gourmet soft-serve.

What is soft-serve? If you’ve ever ordered and ice cream from McDonald’s, or even had the frozen yogurt at IKEA, it’s that smooth, creamy ice cream and comes out in a lovely swirl. However, at UYU, the flavours are unique and changing on a weekly basis.

UYU_Ice_Cream_Gastown-984x500And if you thought a rotating menu was the best part, it doesn’t stop there!

UYU offers a selection of unique toppings and sauces to drizzle all over your soft-serve of choice. You can make yourself a parfait, a sundae, or even have it plain – it’s really up to you, and the combinations are endless!

My personal favourite is the Milk Tea and Kinako (roasted soy bean) flavours with a condensed milk drizzle. SO. GOOD.

That said, I encourage you to follow them on Instagram (if you love food/ice cream photos), or Twitter (if you want to know what new flavours they have available). For more information with links to their social media accounts, check out their website below!

UYU Ice Cream

433 Abbott Street
Vancouver, British Columbia

T. 778 379 9986

Hours : Tuesday-Sunday 12pm-10pm

Photo credits: Vancity Buzz