BCITSA 2017 By-election
VP Student Affairs

Campaigning has begun for the executive position of VP Student Affairs. Get to know each candidate and be sure to vote online through your my.bcit account from October 2 (9:00am) to October 6 (2:00pm). For more information on the Student Association Elections visit www.bcitsa.ca

Why are you seeking election?
In the past year, I enjoyed helping students as a peer-tutor and as PR Executive of the IBMP Club. Prior to BCIT, I had been involved with the Student Association at the University of Toronto for more than three years, I worked to enhance the students’ experience by driving a number of initiatives, including expansion of the food court and bringing a Subway stand. By joining the BCITSA, I would like to bring forth implementable solutions to common student concerns, as well as ensure that students’ interests drive all BCITSA agendas.

What do you hope to achieve during your term in office?
During my term in office, I hope to attain the following objectives: Primarily, I aim to ensure that students’ concerns are communicated to the student council and immediate actions are taken to enhance the students’ experience. As such, as many of us complain about the food on campus, I will ensure that the renewal of the contract with the food service provider is negotiated in favor of students; bringing healthier, cheaper, and greater variety to campus. This year the BCITSA will also negotiate with Translink, which is the right time to make sure our part-time friends get a Upass as well!

Describe yourself in 5 words or less.
Personable. Engaging. Driven. Reliable. Kind.