BCITSA 2017 By-election
VP Student Affairs

Campaigning has begun for the executive position of VP Student Affairs. Get to know each candidate and be sure to vote online through your my.bcit account from October 2 (9:00am) to October 6 (2:00pm). For more information on the Student Association Elections visit www.bcitsa.ca

Why are you seeking election?
Hi, I’m Sapphire and my preferred pronoun is They/Them/Their. I’ve been at BCIT since January 2015 and I’m in the Interior Design program. I’m seeking election for the position of VP of Student Affairs because I want to give back to my fellow BCIT students and be a voice on their behalf. I have really enjoyed the past 2.5 years at BCIT and I think my experiences can help me bringing the voice of the part-time student to the BCIT Student Council.

What do you hope to achieve during your term in office?
In my term as VP of Student Affairs I want to help get the U-Pass for part-time students, help draft a scent aware guidelines for all campuses, address student parking issues and work towards more student accessible gender- neutral/universal washrooms. Plus, I want to help get Technically Queer, the LGBT club back up and running. While all these issues are close to my heart and that I’m passionate about, I also think that they will benefit all students.

Describe yourself in 5 words or less.
I’m creative, determined, motivated, mature, and hard-working.