Sheldon Lynn

Computer Systems Technology

When/how did you start taking photos?

I have been painting and drawing my whole life and that fascination with exploring the world in a visual manner was what led me into photography. For the longest time, I couldn’t afford a proper camera so I obsessed over learning the theoretical aspects through books and internet resources, practicing the best I could with the equipment I had at the time, point & shoots and smartphone cameras. When I finally acquired a DSLR in 2015, all that work paid off and photography has been my main creative outlet ever since.

Why do you love photography?

I love that it is the perfect combination of art and technology; not only is it an expressive art form but also a highly technical craft. Photography speaks to both sides of my brain, the creative artist and the analytical programmer.

What do you love to take photos of?

People have always been at the centre of my art, regardless of medium. I love empowering my subjects to look and feel their best through photography.

What is your lighting technique? 

My biggest inspiration is from art history. The Flemish Masters, particularly Van Eyck and Bruegel the Elder, had perfect control over lighting, composition, and the rendering of materials, imbuing a presence and weight to all their subject matter. That is what I seek to emulate.